Launching a new sub-blog USMLEfenem

Well well here I am, launching a new sub-blog on efenem’s progress in medicine called USMLEfenem

Why new one?

Efenem’s Weblog is a general blog where I give my opinions on stuffs, mostly things to do with medicine. Efenem’s Weblog is the place where people get mad at me, get mad at my ideas, admire me to death, etc etc etc…

This USMLEfenem blog is more like a diary – if some people want to say so. A journal which keeps track of my real but very boring journey in medicine. If you are looking for fun – you’ll not find it here. In fact, I assure you this blog will bore you to death!!

There are so many wikipedia links in those wonderful medical notes. Also, explore the links at the sidebar of USMLEfenem and you’ll be sunk by the very very deep ocean of medicine and its career pathways…

It’s just a new sub-blog anyways… Efenem’s Weblog is still alive and kicking… and still the main one!

Regards. Enjoy the new sub-blog USMLEfenem!


3 thoughts on “Launching a new sub-blog USMLEfenem

  1. its the most nauseating blog i’ve ever come across..u successfully made me feel a few inches stupider..haha..there’s so much to know and so little time..

  2. your semangat to blog make me feel like updating my blog more often…
    and don’t worry… even if your blog bored to death… i’ll still be your blog’s no1 fan.. ngehehehe…

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