Ngenge rumblings

I’m updating just for the sake of updating. This entry is real personal. Seriously you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to. But if you still wanna read efenem’s rumblings, I’m pleased to please you (ngenge sounds weird).


iPod sucks. Big time. Why sync, when it’s simpler and faster and much better to transfer files? Has Mr. Apple got any explanation? I had a hard time with iTunes as well. Even my boss (who is very good at what he does) from faraway land who controlled my PC could do nothing about it.

I just feel like wanna throw every iPod in the world to the great wall of China so that mankind does not need to suffer another sucky product of capitalism. (Do I know what I’m talkin’ about?)

The iPod is second hand, borrowed for a while from someone, still good and functioning. If I decide I don’t like it for the rest of my life, I will simply return that crap back to its owner.

Maybe I’m destined to live gadgetless for life?


It’s been really long since I get to hang out in One Utama. Yesterday was the first time this year. It’s first time this year I ate till I got a stroke-like episode in Burger King too. Anyways, I’m always there for the movies.

Incredible Hulk is awesome this time! Much better than the previous shitty one. There are so many cool movies I need to watch. Not to say the movies I missed during the previous 10 months I spent in the hellhole. But TTDI has so many good stuffs; I can rent good movies as I poop! (Ngenge I am too exaggerating, am I?)

Seriously, if TTDI, BU, DU are separated from Malaysia to form a new country, I really wanna be its president!

Also did some catching up. Friends are graduating, applying for jobs and getting the real good RM5K starting salary. Us in medicine? We are students of medicine till the end of our lives. It sounds sucky, but somehow I can find the love in it.

M.D. (my hangout buddy) recommended me Facebook for social networking. Okay, I can try Facebook. I’m a total noob. But it has better applications etc etc. I am still askin’ myself, why facebook when I already have friendster? Probably I get better chance to get laid if I have two social networks tho ngenge…

And tomorrow there’s a little get-together. Ngenge got to see more movies…


There’s a guy, he has long been unsatisfied with me. Only yesterday he rubbed it in my face. He said I treated him like a dumb person all the time.

Maybe I did, if he wants to think that way.

He demands that I treat him nicer, just like Lynette demands her boss to be nicer in 2nd season of desperate housewives.

I’m not really popular for being Mr. Nice Guy, but if you want nice, go talk to Paklah or someone else who seems nice.

I think I communicate with a person just like myself, I can’t describe how, but just like myself. It’s up to people to think I’m being nice, harsh or normal. Of course I treat people based on how much I like them as well, and so does everyone else.

If you cannot keep up with how I treat you, then I advise you to stay away and refrain from communicating with me. Who knows I might eat ye’ for breakfast! After 4 years, you should’ve known this already and not being a queer who gets upset over a simple rejection.

But at least I respect him, he finally stood up for himself. All this while I thought he’s got no balls.


4 thoughts on “Ngenge rumblings

  1. iPod is the greatest music player on earth. it didn’t rob the the no 1 music player title from Sony Walkman for nothing. And i’m not saying this because i am an apple fanboy.

    iPod does syncing because it’s easier to organize songs according to artists, the albums, name of the songs, then you can rate it by giving it stars depending on how u like a particular song, classify it under genres of music, then you can add up the CD artwork so it looks good on your player. Plus ppl in the US buy original from the iTunes stores hence the need of a seamless integration with the music player. There you go, your 15 seconds 101 on Apple iPod depending on how fast you reach this line.

    Drag and drop files transfer is sooo 1990s. Just because you missed the train you don’t have to patronize people who can appreciate the whole beauty of it.

  2. Nana: OU only. Ampang tu jauh mcm langit dan bumi ngengenge. OU dah la parking murah, besar plak tu, the most bestest complex in Malaysia. I can poop at home as you try find parking and I still won’t be late (still exaggerating, am I?) 😉

    Hazreenchikova: Patronize? Look who’s talkin’… I can’t believe you are easily provoked by “iPod sucks”. I will love iPod one day, without your patronizing 101. For the time being iPod sucks ngenge.

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