Efenem’s political mumbo jumbo

Nothing really interests me these days, except the soap I’m watching and the latest political saga. They’re pretty fun!

Chedet, the harsh critique towards Malaysian judicial system and the judges suddenly quotes:

Malangnya penghakiman yang bernas ini tidak dilapor dengan jelas oleh media seperti laporan berkenaan asas-asas penghakiman dua hakim tadi.

When it comes to DSAI, suddenly the judicial system became “bernas” ngenge. And he’s criticizing Wan Azizah for not believing in “penghakiman yang bernas”. One can almost hear the flip followed by the flop.

Funny old guy! I love him…. 🙂

People can say I don’t get all the facts right. Yeah, so what? My blog is not a political blog. Save the lecture already 😛 Nothing can change my perception towards my beloved chedet.

Malaysia is pretty hopeless these days with Paklah & co. and their own problems. DSAI? Ngenge he’s got his own problems too! Politicians… Clowns entertaining me in my time of need.

Malaysian politic is pretty sick. Even a monkey can see that. If I see politics as sick rather than entertaining, my serotonins will drop to the bottom of the earth and me falls to deep depression.

Malaysia has been pretty problematic from the top since the time of our “bapa kemerdekaan”. Talking about kemerdekaan, I really believed our ancestors fighting for our kemerdekaan until I read one pretty disturbing article that the Brits gave us kemerdekaan because Malaya was a big liability, so they gave up on us. Not because our fighters of freedom were good at their jobs. Ergh… Don’t know what to believe already.

Faith does not need to make sense, right? Some people really love TDM to the point that everyone else needs to love him too. Some people really believed all Anwar says. Die hards stick to PakLoh & co. As I said, everyone needs something to believe in, although it doesn’t make sense.

Perhaps we should give more chance to people like Lim Kit Siang to rule the country. He’s good.


On second thought, I don’t think he is that good. 😉

Soap time.


5 thoughts on “Efenem’s political mumbo jumbo

  1. its getting pretty dirty.. only god knows who speaks the truth, who’s back-dooring who.. but i really hope, or perhaps i choose to believe dsai is innocent.

    as for us the rakyat.. just wait and see. this drama is about to reach its climax.

  2. This is back to drama that happened 10 years ago. The no-fitnah campaign is now on TV… Yeah, yeah… Fitnah is bad… But look who’s talkin’!

    In chedet’s page today, it’s obvious he’s becoming paranoid; not wanting bygone be bygones. I understand his fear. But if he did not do anything wrong; why the fear and paranoia?

    We can see fanatics of chedet posting death wishes directed to certain people in the comments part. Interesting such comments are approved. Such admiration for chedet is hardcore. But one needs to remember; admiration is the emotion furthest from comprehension.

    If chedet lets these people down, they will be the ones with suicidy look…

    So applies for fans of DSAI and PakLoh & geng.

    Politicians are safe to be admired when they are dead. When they’re still alive, they still have their own agenda. And that agenda might suck the life out of ye’! Not that one shouldn’t support any politicians, but just be on guard.

  3. you know what, withh che det, almost always, the only way for people to come with a rebuttal on him sounds something like:- dulu che det pun sama, che det pun jahat dulu, dia buat kat anwar lagi teruk, dia kaki kroni bla bla bla.

    But most of his critics I reckon are always almost ashamed to admit that most of his points on issues like the crooked bridge, proton MV agusta saga, the pegging of ringgit to mitigate the effect of fuel hike, and all other issues that MATTER to the well being of rakyat are very very hard to counter.

    Che det may have his shortcomings, he isn’t godlike. But when he’s right he’s right and that is like 90% of all the time.

    If you’re not so quick on your judgement, his blog does approve a lot of comments of varying degree of political inclination. And if he’s old and if he’s funny, I don’t think that almost 3 millions of Malaysians in less than 2 months have that much of sense of humor to entertain this old funny guy, given the dire state of being our economy is in now.

    Oh and he’s so funny that some parties have decided a lot of people would benefit from shutting down and hacking of this funny old chap punya blog. Poor funny guy.

  4. Then good thing we have such a leader. A leader who is always right and respected even by his enemies. But no one should expect every single rakyat to love him, kan?

    If a politician is not hated, he shouldn’t be a politician in the first place. If cannot handle criticism, then don’t be a leader.

    Maybe he isn’t at all funny.

    His fanatics are.

    P/s: For a great leader, 3 million visits in 2 months is really not that great. I don’t think 3 million Malaysians would visit his blog. Maybe 100,000 people in the whole world (not only Malaysians) visiting multiple of times.

    Even if it is 3 million visitors, I still expect more given that his hardcore admirers always think he’s right and how great a leader chedet is.

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