Summer 2008 Practical

I am very dumb to choose a private hospital for practical despite being just 7-minutes drive from my house. Me, Zulhusni, Tuan, Hafiz and Wei Hao did the practical together, although some never realized how privileged they are to be accepted by a top-notch private hospital with super consultants where one gets to park a humble 90’s proton in between Porsche and BMW. Not to mention staying free-of-charge in an emptied but fully-furnished terrace house in the suburbs of Taman Tun Dr. Ismail.

Private hospital is not a teaching hospital, bound with so many rules and policies, everyday is another VIP day, accreditation and awards every month blabla as expected from a private hospital. Talking about accreditation, I wonder when and how can any Nizhniy Novgorod hospital get one. Semashko hospital is pretty good for at least one international up-to-date recognition, accreditation and award. Accreditation is a must for every hospital to maintain the highest standard of healthcare and medical education.

I got the chance to do rounds with the top Malaysian respirologist/chest physician because I asked for it. He blasted me for not knowing Rasmussen aneurysm, pressed me to think about the differential diagnosis for cavitary lesion in lung (only cryptococcus came to my mind; but TB, Lung CA and histoplasmosis also can) and corrected my understanding that sarcoidosis in the lung is always bilateral instead of unilateral.

Nothing much to do there except get in by 10 and get out by 1. Nothing much we can do with the patients. Nothing much to learn anyways. At least, I learnt how a private hospital is run. Do you know that in a private hospital, a consultant surgeon gets nurses to assist in surgeries instead of MOs? Pretty scary I think. Meaning only one surgeon for one patient. If many surgeons, more fees to pay laaa….

Started my posting in HUKM yesterday. I think I love HUKM. 30 minutes drive, no traffic jam in the morning going there and no jam in the evening coming back. When I arrive home, it’s just about time for my favorite Indonesian soap, SOLEHA. And I loooooovvve the parking space specially prepared for me!!! Teaching-oriented staffs, huge library for me to spend my time during lunch break. Doctors and med students are everywhere. It’s not my first time in HUKM tho. My first time was 6 years ago when my thesismates and I did a microbiology thesis to fulfill MRSM Taiping’s academic requirement (and won the subsequent competitions ngenge).

There are lots of HUKM med students. When I see them in white labcoats, big bags and books, pens filling every inch of their pockets, their iPods and PDAs, their stethoscopes, their notebooks, and the nerdy faces, I feel reaaaally intimidated. Being the stupidest medical student ever, I should feel that way…

Yesterday was a scope day with my supervising consultant’s surgical team. OGDS, Colonoscopy and ERCP. Doctors, med students are all around the department to attend only to one patient. Ngenge. I managed to diagnose Crohn’s Disease. Big deal!! Everyone in the scope room has diagnosed Crohn’s a million times and here I am bragging my first time although I was blasted for not knowing the Lauren classification of gastric CA.

Clinic today with surgical team was good too. Even the HOs are very cool. Altho most of the cases are gallstones, there’s one very rare case yolk sac tumor of a 50 something Indian male that even the surgeons are so excited to know about it. Unfortunately, the surgeons are not oncologists, so they have to refer.

But what I feel sad about the clinic is that two different patients are consulted in one small room to speed up patient-consulting time by two different doctors. Plus the nurses. Plus the patient’s family. Plus med students like me. No privacy at all. It doesn’t take a genius to tell that this is the beloved health minister’s policy of not more than 90 minutes of waiting time for patients. What to do?! Doctors aren’t suppose to do maggi-mee check up. The health of patients is the primary concern. Patient’s privacy is not necessary. Blame the minister.


One thought on “Summer 2008 Practical

  1. hahaha! u oso kene the bahang of private hosps oredi ha! Me too! i kene last year in sunway med.ctr, then this year in UH(semi-gov)! They mind their own business la, they dun really teach anything, UH was a bit better but still nothing to do or learn, they gave me Anasthesiology department! Well thanks to Nana i am saved, she got me a place in IJN, n i will b doing pracs wif her! At least i wont b bored n i wont b the only one standing near the reception for 1.5-2 hours so that a doc will cum n ask wat i want to do?

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