Hepatobiliary team

Hepatobiliary surgery team HUKM hierarchy as of 22nd July 2008:

Clinical Consultant: Professor Razman (the big boss)

Clinical Specialist: Mr. Hairol

Senior registrars: Dr. Ngoo & Dr. Zairul

Registrars: Dr. Johann, Dr. Salleh, & Dr. Muhamad (international postgraduate from Somalia)

Medical Officers: Dr. Faezan, Dr. Noraini, Dr. Rizal

House Officers: Dr. Hidayah, Dr. Salwani, Dr. Hasmah

Medical Student: EFENEM

Ngenge me is in the lowest hierarchy. But the team is complete from the top the to bottom. With the ward rounds, the teaching conferences, the clinics, the scopes, the operations and the makan-makan.

My first meeting with them I had to convince everyone that I am not Chinese and I don’t speak any Chinese language/dialects. Not to mention millions of Chinese patients askin’ me stuffs. Even one doctor asked me if I have a Chinese name (the next person asks me if I’m chinese, I’m gonna say my name Faiz Wong  and I am an exotic Mongolian ngenge).

According to my personal limited survey, they say being in surgical team is much happier than in medical team. In surgery, the top ones always take care of the lower ones in the hierarchy. And only 5 on-calls a month. I love the idea of a surgical team because it is a lot similar to the super cool BLEACH 13 squads; the captain, the lieutenant, 3rd seat officers etc.

The other teams in General Surgery like Breast & Endocrine, Upper GI & Minimally Invasive Surgery, Colorectal, and Vascular coordinate very well with Hepatobiliary. But if they get a chance to blast each other, why not? Ngenge…. For example, yesterday I saw Colorectal team got blasted because they didn’t prepare anything for census and M&M.

In medical, you are on your own. There’s no thing such as a team (okay, maybe there is, I’m just exaggerating!). Even if there is, it’s only a ward team. If you get blasted during ward rounds, who cares? Your superiors most likely will not come to your defense. On-calls up to nine in a month. So the same for O&G (only much worse)…


See how happy these hepatobiliary people are posing in front of my new Nokia E71 after breakfast in kedai mamak outside the compounds of HUKM… From left: Dr. Johann (girls love him!), Dr. Zairul (Super senior MRSM Taiping SPM’95), Dr. Faezan, Prof. Razman (big boss), Dr.Ngoo, Dr. Muhamad, Dr. Rizal (super senior MRSM Taiping SPM’97).

For some reason I am not in the photo because I am photophobic…. ngenge.

Notice two of my super seniors of MRSM Taiping are in this very fine team. That reminds me, should I go for the reunion MRSM Taiping this weekend? Minyok mahal… Bayar package pun mahal… Penginapan xsure camne 😦

image image

Probably most of you are already bored with laparoscopic cholecystectomy, but that’s all I did this week – watching cholecystectomy, a supposedly easy surgery, but even senior registrars (the 3rd rank of the hierarchy) have a hard time getting the correct angles to clip and cut the gallbladder… They are about 7-10 years post-graduation 😦

But when I look at the happy anesthetist gets to sleep, reads his novel, chit chat and flirts during surgery, I think I wanna be an anesthetist!

Ngenge. It’s been a fine week with a fine team. When I look back at the hierarchy, I wonder how many years does every doctor in Malaysia need to climb to the top? Very very long indeed! Ngehhh… one thing at a time!

Oh yeah last Friday makan2 with PPIM at Restoran Nelayan in Titiwangsa. Me has not received any pic yet. It’s been a makan2 week but no one says I’m fat ngenge… 🙂

P/S: Tahniah kepada yang berjaya membaca coretan mengarut efenem sampai ke sini. Anda memang boleh bertahan dengan efenem yerk… hebat2!


8 thoughts on “Hepatobiliary team

  1. ah well.. i did read till the end of ur coretan. haha. 1st of all, pegi a reunion tepeng! need to pay rm100 instead of rm60 as i told u b4. ustaz naza silap bg info.

    well, psl surgical team thingy tu, seriously aku rasa surgeons kt msia not as good as the russians. how many hours do they need to do a simple endocopic cholecystectomy? kalo kat russia tu within 15 minutes pon dah siap.. n too bad even the senior registrars ‘have a hard time getting the correct angles to clip and cut the gallbladder’. Rhizov buat pon lg cepat ape dr those seniors.. 😛

  2. for some unfathomable reason, doctors education in malaysia is not that impressive. I can understand if housemen get to do nursing, clerk works… But MOs? They dont get much responsibility unless they work in rural sabah sarawak. Yes, they’re involved in decision making but then everytime has to kowtow specialists, esp in university hospitals.

    The 5 yrs of HOMO is a training to get acquainted with the system and serve in district clinics/hospitals. After that one gets to do masters as registrar. Masters is so much like residency in the US. In the states, even a 2nd year resident/postgrad gets to do lap. Chole. In msia, probably 3rd yr registrar at 8th yr postgraduation.

    Russians produce excellent surgeons but unfortunately the system is a mess bcoz they are underfunded.

    I dont think laparoscopic chole is doable in 15 mins. I watched in one hospital in nizhniy and took about 30-40 mins. In msia is over an hour.

    Malaysians love to take it slow. Even to be a specialist.

  3. seriously russian med student even get to do the simple appendectomy in their 4th year course – how cool is that??

  4. Cool as it is, appendectomies only on corpse at 4th year. If appendectomy on real person, must have been assistant or tightly supervised.

    Vasenin said he did appendectomy on corpse during his 4th yr. Cool…

  5. I m gonna b a patient here. Eee takut nya. Lap chole to remove gallbladder dah buat, nak check pancreatic cysts pula. Risau risau risau. Tengah google and stumble on your blog. Bertambah risau! By the way in Faiz anak Dr Faridah ke?

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