Ngenge snippets

  • The UiTM issue is apparently overpoliticized. The genius Selangor MB can’t wait till after Permatang Pauh by-election to announce his 10% non-bumiputra quota proposal. If I were him, I’d propose 30% instead (and of course after the by-election). But then the bumi students will burn down my house, because of a mere proposal! Oh well, they will burn it down, but there’s no guarantee UiTM will be in the top 400 universities in the world tho.
  • Saiful Bukhari did his inventory sumpah dengan Quran thingy (Oh, it had to be one day before Permatang Pauh nomination!). This kind of sumpah wasn’t even prescribed during the time of prophet Muhammad SAW. The Quran, in the book form that we know today, did not exist yet at the time of Prophet Muhammad. It was Osman, the Third Caliph, who compiled the Quran into the book form that we know today, long after the Prophet had died. That is why the Quran is sometimes referred to as the Osmania Quran. And yet our genius Mahathir dared Anwar to sumpah dengan Quran. Oh yeah, sumpah will prove someone guilty. The proofs are no good at all!

  • A picture is worth a thousand words. BN supporters in Permatang Pauh. Spotted in MAFREL.
  • I didn’t expect a very fast defeat from Lee Chong Wei. But, at least he brings back something worthy of pride. Congratulations.
  • ECFMG sucks because they do their jobs last minute. It seems that even if I managed to take the exam, it will worth nothing to me. Because my efforts do not count. What counts is theirs. And apparently I overestimated them.
  • No Bleach this week. Tite Kubo must have been under a lot of pressure to impress me. The lieutenant shinigami vs fraccion fights are draggy and boring.
  • If you love the moments of awkwardness, I recommend The Office. It’s not a sitcom, and even if it is, it’s certainly not the best one. But if you love to watch moments of awkwardness, The Office is the answer.

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