Smashing efenem’s car

The day did not start well. Maybe because tomorrow is Permatang Pauh’s by election. No no, the day did not start well because my parents woke me up so early in the morning to ask if I left anything inside my car.

And apparently here’s the reason why:


Window at the passenger’s side got smashed last night. I did not leave anything valuable although when I got back from One Utama yesterday, I almost left my new precious Nokia E71 overnight inside…



Why this cheap old car? There are other luxurious cars in Jalan Datuk Sulaiman one can take something valuable from. Now I cannot run errands… (Do not be fooled by the “P”. I am fully licensed to drive. My 19 year-old brother isn’t)



Window is covered so that rain can’t go in. Now I have to send this car to mechanic’s. And the window is uninsured 😦


But anyways, I’m quite lucky it’s just a window of a cheap old car. My neighbor’s newly bought Honda CRV was stolen a while ago. And here I thought Taman Tun Dr. Ismail is the safest place on earth!

Police report?

Nehhh…. It’s a very lengthy process. There’s nothing the police can do anyway. My case will simply be added to their statistic. That’s all.

And where’s the security guard the residents of Jalan Datuk Sulaiman paid for?


2 thoughts on “Smashing efenem’s car

  1. Kesian Faiz…Takpe la, alwiz look at the bright side of everything… ur case….erm..u finally know that the security guards in ur taman is lousy?!! Well anyways, be happy u r not gonna b handicapped without a hp… toodles…c u in russia(gosh i am so sad to go back)

  2. well, bunyinye sikit lebih kurang mcm kes saya. it happened a week ago. i got my right head lamp pecah and scratch a bit here and there. kes langgar dan melarikan diri.. xpe, ada hikmah disebalik semua kejadian kan?

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