Lessons for Politicians to learn

  • As expected Permatang Pauh goes to Anwar. I don’t understand why BN put Arif Shah to contest Anwar. Arif Shah can speak chinese. Sure, the people of Permatang Pauh looks for chinese-speaking MP. Look what happen.
  • BN keeps saying that democracy still works in this country. Yeah, it does! That doesn’t mean BN should take the credit for the works of democracy.


  • People are anxiously waiting for 16th September 2008 to see whether Anwar is able to overthrow the current government. And the perfect timing to mention the case of two PKR members of Exco Perak is on 15th September 2008. (Efenem raises his eyebrows)
  • People want change. Half a century is enough to be governed under racial politics. A new government on 2nd half century after Merdeka wouldn’t be a bad idea. I am not too hopeful for 16th September, but at least Malaysia has one hell of an opposition leader. A new taste of Merdeka awaits.
  • Many people say choosing Anwar is the worst for the country. Chedet cannot stress this enough. Well, Malaysians have chosen corrupt and racist politicians for the past few years, how worse can this get?
  • “Bersyukur kepada kerajaan” campaign is lame. Chedet introduced the campaign, but lucky for him he was a great leader then. Incompetent leaders shouldn’t use this. Stepping down is better. Appealing to the rakyat to be grateful for what they have done in the past will only show desperation. The rakyats will find a way to ignore them. And found a way, the rakyats have…
  • Mainstream media (especially Utusan) should learn that they will be marginalized if they continue their biased reports. Their biased reports are the liability for BN itself. BN should blame the mainstream media for their loss in Permatang Pauh and 12th General Election.
  • Some people are desperate enough to kill Malaysia Today, which is owned by a prominent blogger Pete @ Raja Petra Kamaruddin. The son of Malaysia Today can be accessed here, avenging his father’s death at 6 pm the day of Permatang Pauh by-election, so Pete has said.
  • Sumpah cannot prove one is guilty or otherwise. Even the Muslim scholars are debating the necessity and validity of sumpah.
  • Do not play with sumpah. It will come back to you and eat you alive.
  • Saiful Bukhari should run away to Thailand before he is man-hunted by the people.
  • Between now and 16th September there will be a lot of rumors and slanders, especially in the holy month of Ramadhan. I hope this is over sooner.
  • Efenem wishes everyone; BN supporters, opposition supporters and on-the-fence people happy Merdeka and Ramadhan Mubarak.

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