Internal Med Exam DOWN!

You know that already.

Honestly, since I arrived in Nizhniy Novgorod last week, there is very little study I did. Heck, I did not even touch any internal medicine notes during my summer holidays.

I read so many political blogs, drop some comments, LOLed BN to the content of my heart since we are living in the most exciting age of modern Malaysia. I also did a little forumming.

Apart from that, I watched all 11 episodes of Zettai Kareshi and finished within 48 hours before the exam.

I did not read a single topic of endocrinology and physiotherapy! At all!

I read just a little on cardiology, GIT, Renal and Pulmonology. What more, I finished just half of those!

My questions were fairly easy, compared to some who got myxedema coma. Mine were atrial fibrillation and DM1.

I’m not saying I am genius or lucky or whatever. If I did not study the whole summer on USMLE, I might fail very miserably. Oh well, their lectures are pretty damn good!

For you people who still don’t know, Auer rods are associated with acute myeloblastic leukemia (AML) 😉

Efenem is officially a 5th year (macam la bagus sangat ngenge!)


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