5th year Pediatric Rotation NNSMA

My 5th year starts with pediatrics rotation. I missed the first three classes and have to replace those classes at a later time. Not a big problem.

But from what I heard, there are very few patients this semester. This semester is dedicated to infectious topics. We saw patients during Hepatitis lesson. Seriously, in pediatrics?! Hepatitis A is understandable, but you won’t expect those little dudes to suffer Hepatitis B and C (and D) do you?

And today the teacher was kind enough to bring us to see an anorexic patient, upon request. But I was a little blur blur today like those MPs who went to Taiwan to learn blur blur about papayas.

Be grateful- lah. At least something is better than nothing…

Last semester was much better. Although I do not quite like the teacher, at least there were a lot of patients. I wrote about it here.


I will not talk a lot on the quality of our medical education, else someone who loves the alma mater so much will challenge me to make a petition to alter the whole pediatric syllabus in NNSMA.

But take a good look at this website. The 3rd year medical students of University of Utah are required to complete 6 weeks of Pediatric rotation. They have on-calls even! Their daily schedule is AM and PM, with non-stop clinical duties.


What I’m saying is that clinical years should not just be merely theoretical. One’s success in housemanship is totally dependent on the clinical years. If the clinical years are bad, then bad is the housemanship.

But if the doctor later succeeds in his career (e.g. becoming world-renowned specialist), it’s NOT THE MED SCHOOL that makes him successful. The hospitals and the doctors who trained him during residency should get the credit.


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