The Efenem Clinic

Tonight a couple of juniors requested me one name of anti-emetic drug thru Yahoo Messenger (YM), so that they can prescribe to their sick friend who vomited.

To be honest, I had to refer to Lippincott’s Pharmacology for the names, which anyone also can do. But I could not suggest any.

The sick friend who vomited apparently develops non-specific symptoms like fever, headache and diarrhea. She has a history of a chronic disease as well. Maybe exacerbation of chronic disease? Or maybe new infection?


She should come to the Efenem Clinic at room 420 Hostel 3 for check up. Efenem will take history like what he has been trained in the last couple of years and will do physical exam also. If Efenem cannot do it alone because he is not really smart, he will have to ask the entire medical students in 4th floor to help out.

But vomiting and diarrhea, if severe, require rehydration and electrolyte correction, which obviously cannot be done in the Efenem Clinic. I suggest the Emergency Department for a better diagnosis and therapy.


A few months ago, one girl also complained (thru YM also), to have painful lymph nodes and I forgot the other details. But painful lymph nodes are signs of many kinds of inflammation and infections. I advised her to go to Emergency Department, or come see me in the Efenem Clinic so I can investigate thoroughly ngenge 😉

But she refused to do any of my suggestions. Being a hypochondriac, I had to scare her with possible malignancy (ngengenge). For your information, painful lymph nodes usually are associated with infections, and painless lymph nodes with malignancy. Despite knowing this, well… a hypochondriac is a hypochondriac.

She is fine now, alive and kicking my butt.


Here are the lessons:

  • Efenem certainly cannot diagnose anything, or plan a treatment, thru YM. It’s very dangerous and possibly unethical.
  • If you want efenem to check you up, please come to the Efenem Clinic. It’s free. But your privacy is not guaranteed. Efenem might also scare you with his substandard knowledge in medicine.
  • If your condition is severe, please go to the Emergency Department for better diagnosis and treatment. Very little can be done in the Efenem Clinic.
  • Don’t forget your insurance policy, just in case.
  • Take care of your health.

5 thoughts on “The Efenem Clinic

  1. LOL! a hypochondriac is always a hypochondriac eh? ouh btw, maxolon or metoclopramide is always used as anti-emetic in almost all cases of vomitting ( lucky me to do every single summer practical in ED :)). and the fastest way of curing painful LN enlargement is by consulting Andreevna and being told to revise 3rd year’s propaedeutic notes. almost all symptoms regress on the next day after hearing her voice the day before.. well thats what the poor girl told me :-P. haha!

  2. u can suggest some stemetil for the nausea. it works fine.otherwise, u can give metoclopromide…
    they work to relieve the nausea/vomiting.but still, u have to find the cause though..
    anyway, find ur blog quite informative and kelakar jugak..=)

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