Meetings… me thinks

UMNO Nizhniy meeting – elections. My groupmate is the president and my roommate is the deputy. But both are not really that much of UMNO supporters… ngenge (Efenem shuts up now)

 MSA Committee meeting – everyone got their posts by default, no election this year. Two nominees contest for presidency (Me and Suvin). The previous committee chairman chose me for President and Suvin for Deputy. (5.08 pm update – Presidency on temporary basis. Election will come soon. Previous MSA committee will work on it)

BPI (Biro Penerangan dan Informasi) PPIM meeting – Efenem tenders resignation. It’s a very fine and functional bureau under its very dedicated chief.

Meeting with previous MSA treasurer – on money matters.

 MSA-UMNO-PPIM Presidents meeting – talked about Malay Unity like PAS-UMNO did. Ngenge… No lah… Just decide who do what when newcomers 1st years come.

Webmasters meeting – two webmasters are appointed so that MSA informs everyone better and everyone can give direct feedback to MSA.

 Calls – I made calls to several people pertaining nominations for the current vacant posts in MSA. Most seem to reject the nominations. No wonder MSA positions are won by default.


Well, life gets busier, but I will find time to blog tho (and study). Someone asked me; “You sure have a lot of time to blog. Do you study at all?”

Truth be told, it only takes 10-20 minutes for me to write one entry. The ideas just come to me at random times (cooking, pooping, in class, in bus, before sleep etc).

Well then, I will try to keep my beloved blog readers updated.


2 thoughts on “Meetings… me thinks

  1. 2 webmasters? Who are the lucky two? I know one of then definitely not me, coz i already refused the nomination last week. =p

    Thanx for the compliment, by the way. The compliment belongs to the BPI as a whole. Am just doing my job. =)

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