Extra Practicals

Recently, the Deans of Practical Affairs decided that the extra practical is a must for Malaysian students.

I receive many feedbacks from students of NNSMA saying that the practical is a waste of money and time, bad scheduling, very little to learn, disturbs the students study time etc.

There are also some who support the decision 100%.


What I want here are the feedbacks from Malaysian students of NNSMA about the practical issue. It is advised that you write in proper English so that me and several MSA members can print out and present this feedback to the Deans next Monday (29.09.2008).

You can write your opinions and experience in the comments part.


You can also give feedback in MSA’s blog.


21 thoughts on “Extra Practicals

  1. Regards,

    My comments regarding the practicals that malaysian students are obliged to take part are:

    1.Money wastage.
    2.Disturbance of student’s daily life time-table
    3.Ineffective tutors
    4.Insecure conditions during dark hours in winter.

    1.Money wastage:

    First i would like to say that, i truly disagree with having the practical programs. The amount of fee paid for hundreds of US dollars, is simply against our will. Some of my colleagues come from families that strive hard financially to support their studies here in Russia. I have friends that only have a monthly budget of 2500 rubls, where they have to plan thoroughly in their expenditures. However the main reasons for the money wastage for this practical program is simply due to the ineffectiveness of the whole program itself.

    2.Disturbance of student’s daily life time table:

    A students daily time table: Students wake up early, go to class at 7.00am, returning from class around 2pm, 3 – 5 pm if there were lectures, reach home at 6pm. Students are tired from a day at class. Students need time to rest, relax their minds, to cook dinner, and most importantly to study and prepare for the next class, especially during tough cycles, and finally to have sufficient sleep.

    If practicals were to be held, which usually starts 5pm. The venue itself Minina Hospital are far. We need to spare 1 hour time for travelling, to and fro. The practical classes proceed for approximately 2 hours. Altogether we add up, we have 4 hours to compensate for practicals class.

    Lets say, students must leave the hostel at 5 pm, taking the public transport, after 4 hours they will be back at 9 pm. I have been through this myself and felt exhausted. I could not prepare well for the class the next day.

    3.Ineffective tutors

    Some teachers teach in Russian language during the practical course. We do believe that they are well knowledged, but honestly speaking, most of us students receive very little input due to poor russian language understanding.

    4.Insecure conditions during dark hours in winter.

    As we know it gets dark very fast especially in winter. Dark and extremely cold nights, drunken people, possibility of hooligans, easy said all add up to possibilities of danger.

    To conclude, i truly hope that our president will bring up this issue to the dekanat, and the Malaysian Education Ministry (MARA and JPA) to hear us. We are against the idea of practical trainings that is conducted by our academy.

  2. extra practicals are fine with me actually, but if it turn out to be like my nursing classes during 2nd year, then its a waste of time and money…..
    last sem, JPA student was compulsory to do their practical here… according to one of them, the extra practicals are fun and they learned alot of stuff during their extra practicals, but that was just few of them…. but now, its a bunch of us from 2nd year to 5th/6th year…. some how i got a feeling it will end up like my nursing class… sleeping on the sofa, playing chess with the other patient…

    Semalam efenem dtg ke bilik aku, katanya pelajar JPA minta aku sampaikan kepada En.Azman yang pelajar JPA x mahu extra practikal tuh. Aku teringat pada last sem, Fudin ada tulis surat kpd En. Azman utk batalkan extra practikal tuh. Lalu En Azman dtg ke Nizhny & mengadakan perjumpaan dgn semua pelajar JPA (walaupun Fudin sendiri x menghadiri perjumpaan tuh).

    Dalam perjumpaan tuh, pelbagai isu ditimbulkan antaranya seperti yg dinyatakan oleh Efenem. Jadi dlm perjumpaan itu, En Azman seperti ingin mengambil langkah utk menangani masalah yg ditimbulkan itu. Akhir skali, dia buat undian. SIapa yg nak & siapa yg xnak extra practikal tuh. KEputusan undian : MAJORITI NAK ExTRA PRACTIKAL. (kepada yg xpergi perjumpaan tuh, salah korang laa…)

    So, aku berpendapat, aku akan bawa isu ini kepada En Azman jika jumlah pelajar JPA yg xnak extra practikal RAMAI. Bg aku sendiri latihan praktikal tuh memang malas aku pergi. TP fikir2 balik bagus gak utk kita. Walaupun byk yg aku ponteng.

    Baru-baru ni, ada beberapa pljr MARA dtg bertanya, kenapa mereka diwajibkan utk menjalani latihan praktikal?…Jadi mereka nak jumpa pegawai MARA yg akan dtg pada Jumaat ni. Aku ingin jelaskan disini,

    Tahun lepas, ada beberapa orang pelajar MARA dtg berjumpa aku & britau bahawa mereka adalah wakil pelajar2 MARA disini. Mereka kata mereka nak berjumpa dgn wakil MARA (tahun lepas). Dalam perjumpaan itu, mereka menyatakan bahawa mereka (semua pelajar MARA) nak extra practical mcm pljr JPA (sbb pljr JPA dah mula latihan practikal ketika itu).

    Jadi, aku rasa MARA membuat keputusan untuk mengadakan latihan practikal tuh kerana permintaan peljar2 MARA ni. Jadi, aku harap kepada pelajar2 MARA yg xnak extra practikal ni utk berbincang dgn wakil-wakil pelajar MARA yg berjumpa dgn pegwai MARA pd tahun lepas. Siapa? contact aku personally 😀

  5. I actually like the idea of extra practicals. But I do not have the trust in the Deans Office to actually conduct it in a manner that will be beneficial to us. I agree with what Soo Ching said..that due to the massive amount of students who are forced to do this thing, it will probably feel more like we’re hanging out at the hospital. Do we even have enough capable doctors to guide us on this practicals?

    Also, if this does not work out and we will be forced to conduct extra practicals in Nizhny, will the Deans please abolish the summer practicals in Malaysia? Or at least make it optional.

  6. siot a dak mara yg gi mintak tuh! n siot a majority budak jpa yg setuju ngan practical class nih.. haish! oh btw, dah a kena byr mahal2 utk menda ni, if miss classes pon kena byr extra plak! siot gile!

  7. 1. Decrease the price, and we’ll work it out.
    2. Integrate it into normal classes eg. having the practical in the same hospital right after classes, and we’ll work it out.
    3. Convince us with high quality teachers(not those who speak russian only), and we’ll work it out.
    4. No practical exam, and we’ll work it out.
    5. Don’t ask us buy some stupid booklet and make us memorize and throw us alone, and we’ll work it out.

    According to Yerlikina(sarang burung FYI), the 1st and 2nd year students will be either doing some researches or dissecting for anatomical preparations.

    I would wanna dissect dead bodies, make a tattoo in the muscles and have my own preparats~~~~~

  8. …ada beberapa orang pelajar MARA dtg berjumpa aku & britau bahawa mereka adalah wakil pelajar2 MARA disini.

    i really don’t like the idea of “self-appointed representative”. memandai2 je lantik diri sendiri. siapa yang melantik, dan kenapa tak diberitahu kepada orang lain? T_T

    saya x kisah sangat kalau ade ke takde practical, asalkan keputusan yang dicapai adalah betul2 secara kolektif. buat meeting ramai2. capai kata sepakat. pastu baru mintak wakil gi bgtau kat MARA officer tu. kalau camtu then takpe la. ade ke takde practical, semua telah dibincangkan secara ramai-ramai. semua ada hak menzahirkan pendapat masing-masing.

    tapi? sendiri buat kepala ni ape hal pulak? huhu. sungguh kecewa.

  9. i totally disagree ngan extra practicals..sapa2 yg setuju meh jumpe aku bgtau ape yg korg dapat ngan extra practicals n sejauh mana dpt bantu korg ngan extra practical…buat pro n cons..meh jumpe aku..ckup la nk berhabisan wang melampau2 utk 4 kelas sebulan bayar ratusan dollar ngan sejemput ilmu,balik cuti semua ntah ke mana..tak fahm tak faham ape pekdah xtra practical

  10. perihal tahun lepas tu, mase JPA meeting, ramai budak 4th year batch x turun, so majority org yg xnak class tu xde…then ramai bebudak 1st n 2nd year, dorg mane la tau pebende xtra class tu, so dorg xde la angkt tgn…then 6th year pn xangkt tgn coz dorg dah xkesah thun dpn dah balik msia,n dorg kate class tu bagus gak…so at last yg angkt tangan ciput jek….aku soh gak bebudak jr angktkan tgn tp dorg blurr….then en azman pn tgk majority ramai xangkt tgn, die assume kite nak aaa…..hampagas tol……
    p/s : kakak2 5th n 6th year last year ckp prak tu bagus gak..bagi saye class tu xde la teruk sgt, ok gak…tp xde aa mmbantu sgt…xberbaloi kot kalo nak bayar mahal2…xpayah la nak wajibkan…

  11. it just waste of time n money…. the dean want the money so much. why they don’t teach the SO-CALLED “PRACTICAL” in the class? wan us to go for that EXTRA class???? isn’t it the teacher know the practical skill? why don’t teach in the class? wan2 teach in the EXTRA class?

  12. ni lagi satu pasal sign bantahan ntuk xnak xtra praktikal tu…aku xkesah kalo yg xnak sign tu bebudak yg memang setuju ngan xtra prak tu…tp aku dgr ade jugak budak yg tahun lepas kaki ponteng baek punye, pastu die xnak sign..aku xtau la ape motif die,mayb die dah berubah sem ni..azam baru ke..or mayb die nak jage imej ke..tu wallahualam…tp kalo xtra prak kali ni die ponteng2 gak,mmg hipokrit la namenye

  13. Faiz. bile kau dah jadik presiden. Mintak kau settlekan hal ni dengan cik azman. DIRECT. sebab deans tak cuak dengan students. die kena gergasi lawan gergasi. sila kumpulkan ketidakpuasan hati kami dalam bentuk petisyen bantahan, yang lebih organized daripada blog comment ni.

  14. There are some people who agreed about this matter. I wonder if they’re afraid of getting blacklisted or just like to kiss asses? This is totaly useless(to a certain extent). Our teacher had taught us good enough in both theoratical and practical part, why the heck we have to do this all again?
    Oh right, what kind of practical lessons we can get in Surgery? According to those who had had practical before (the JPA, not all coz some were realy happy to see russians in the hospital), said that they re-delivered the theoratical lectures. Let us scrub in and we’ll work it out, once again.

  15. Yeah i have to agree with “y”. I also know about that person who didnt go to practical class (skipping hell a lot of it) . Infront of the big people (JPA, Mister Azman) he says nothing. He didnt raise up his hand, to vote for disagreement of the practicals. This guy (a person of high influence in the community – who has power to make a difference for us) himself then skipped the practical classes. Hippocracy? u guys decide. (why should he agree to the extra practicals, but he doesnt intend go to anyway)

    And one more thing,, the students who have not experienced and endured the practicals. 15 class : 500 dollars. This ratio is simply bull. Full of it. Porcelain doll’s comment above says it all.

  16. Yes kok king, its true. Its only “belajar balik” what we studied in class during Surgery Practical. And what is more. we expect to do “HANDS ON PRACTICAL”. To treat minor wounds of patients, or even to get a chance to do endoscopy through the anus. instead,,, we just get plain lectures,, in russian. thats good.

  17. like hell there’ll be any surgeries in the evening!~ almost all surgeons went back home already after 2pm! n yeh i agree with X.. we should just combine our practical class together with ‘theoretical class’. we’re already in 5th year but still we are MOSTLY (or ONLY?) learning theoretical stuff with lack of practices!

  18. ouh btw, diz practical classes are only for students in nizhniy . ppl in moscow or volgo (n maybe kursk) dont even have to do diz practicals. so nampak sgt a dekanat tu nk sgt duit kita… compulsory for malaysians only plak tuh~

  19. Aku sokong 100% kalu korang nak hapuskan extra practikals untuk pelajar MARA & private yg mana korang sendiri yg kena bayar, malahan kena buat atrabodka kalu korang ponteng.

    Untuk pelajar JPA, aku setuju kalu diberi kebebasan kepada mereka. Siapa yg nak, boleh. Siapa yg xnak pun boleh. Kalu korang hapuskan utk semua pljr malaysia, tidak ke menzalimi budak2 JPA yg rajin & nak extra practikals tuh? (tp ada ke?)huhu…lgpun pljr JPA xperlu bayar apa2…Alasan yg diberi oleh kingcrazy pun logik. Aku rasa utk pelajar JPA perlu diadakan perjumpaan dgn wakil JPA kot.

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