MSA President 2008/2009

I have to thank my voters for entrusting me to be the MSA President 2008/2009.

I will do my best.

p/s: I asked Jeremy for the statistical numbers of the election because many people want to know, me included, but he refused to publish it. From what I know 177 out of 324 (54.63%) came out to vote.


10 thoughts on “MSA President 2008/2009

  1. well done. Now we shall expect to see the changes you are gonna impose as you had promised prior to elections – relevance and transparency. Don’t let us down!

  2. Hi, Congratz. I hv a request Mr.President. Revolution, we need a revolution. U hv to make very big changes, most necessarily our attitude towards responsibilty.
    U hv the upper hand n u hv the chance to make a difference. Goodluck, n dun waste this oppurtunity.

  3. hey,i’ve saw ur capability to be our ‘bright future’ president!
    n i hope u will try ur best in everythin juz to make sure things are rite…proud of u,mr president!briliant creation from Group 531A,hehe…..jgn abaikan pelajaran!!!

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