Come to the meeting, or…

Meetings are important.

Some meetings are important for decision making. If you don’t come to the meeting, you only deprive your own rights to voice out your own views.


JPA students who objected extra practical last year didn’t go to meeting with Azman. Result – meeting was in favor for extra practical.


Another example:

AGM 2008. Many decisions were made thru voting. Apparently less than 40% of Malaysian students came. There was more than enough space to fit in a hundred more.

Those who did not come were deprived of their rights to vote on issue of extra practicals and timing for Malaysian night. 3rd year batch rep was chosen in the meeting. Some issues and requests were answered.


Of course, any meeting headed by efenem is very boring. Who wants to come? Ngenge.


P/S: Efenem berasa menyentuh kerana ramai yang prihatin dan mengambil berat tentang efenem walaupun efenem sangat sibuk akhir-akhir ini. Efenem, bagi pihak efenem sendiri, mengucapkan sekian terima kasih kepada mereka-mereka yang berjaya menyentuh efenem.


Inilah mood efenem sekarang:-



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