Slandering UMNO and efenem

I went to Dean’s Office today on MSA’s business. You can read the meeting report in MSA’s blog.

But I got some tip from someone that I might have a personal problem with the Deans. So I want to settle it once and for all.



Apparently someone sent an internet-translated letter to Dean’s Office about the complain of verification of student’s status from ECFMG. I really couldn’t understand. The Russian grammar is absolutely poor.

You see, the letter is forwarded to the bigshots of the academy.The signature on the top right said “To be investigated – Strongin”.

Yes, Strongin did come to the setting. He did not talk much about this, but he talked about the extra practical classes only.

Maizatul Farah (Ija) was also at the setting, laughing out loud at the content of this letter which was very poorly translated. One funny thing was “university of nutrition?”

Here’s the remainder of the letter:


Notice down there – student from Malaysia, Efenem 431-A!!!

Wow! This person really want to set me up and frame me. He could’ve said Faiz Najmi, but he said efenem! Wow!

Down there also: Copy of Malaysian Embassy Moscow.

I went thru the trouble of calling Mr. Azman just now and apparently the embassy has confirmed that no copy of this letter has been received to Mr. Azman’s hand.

When I asked the office about the source, they say it came from this email:



Now the person is slandering UMNO and efenem. I might resent political party UMNO, but not UMNO club Nizhniy Novgorod.

Perhaps UMNO and efenem should gang up and nail down this guy. Sue him for libel and defamation. UMNO Nizhniy President is efenem’s classmate and the vice president is efenem’s roommate. (Thinking of lodging a police report)

Fact is: The Dean’s Office was kind enough to verify my medical student status to ECFMG. I was told about this 3 weeks ago by Mikhail Mikhailovitch.


A refreshing start for Hari Raya tho!


7 thoughts on “Slandering UMNO and efenem

  1. Hey,here is Nizhny,u dun play play here.We just study here,not doin politic o fitnah fitnah!If u like to do this kind of stuff,go back Malaysia la!!! Smore today is Hari Raya…
    What is in ur mind???Show urself la!!!’ tau buat tapi tak tau mengaku???’ Coward!!!

  2. Ah, he’s just a back scene worker that will never come in front of the stage. Maybe he’s just someone who’s locked in a cage and being stabbed from outside of the cage, yelling “I wanna be president wu wu wu….” or should I say he has not come out of the closet yet? hmmm……starting to get weird here

  3. Hehe…. guess some one is jealous with your success or should i say… “presidency”?….
    come on la “fake efenem”, no matter how inconsiderate the dean is, they still know what is real and what is fake….
    Happy Eid Mubarak every one…. you too fake efenem…!!!

    GO FAIZ GO…!!!!

  4. I think these fake ppl couldnt take it when they have nothing going on in our ‘peaceful academy’. Nth that they could have hold them back from sitting down over a cup of coffee, plan of a strategy to pull back efenem or whoever it is that may give them the threat of entering the presidency league.

    It’s easy to tell from their blackmail scheme that these ppl love the commotion they are causing. Setting up minor defaming blackmails like this at every probable malicious content, it’s inevitable that this fellow tails your blog from every nook and corner. Sad thing that they don’t do their research properly before they decide UMNO NN to be the idealistic culprit.

    What’s more ridiculous is the claim that it’s a copy from ‘Embassy of Malaysia’? If so, wouldn’t the embassy of Malaysia have responded and dealt with the deans directly to such an account of our academy? Y would they need some messenger from UMNO to convey this especially to the deans? TOTALLY ABSURD. It’s a shame for them to highlight the name Embassy of Malaysia just to make the matter seem BIG. (They could have just bold and capitalize the words =)

    What the culprit(s) has done is just rudimentary. We shall wait and see if he decides to comes out with his own de facto, not leeching out ur ideas and twisting them to frame you.

    Yay for us it’s raya. U can totally forget about the black dots for the moment, now that u’ve collected 1 whole month of ‘pahala’s in ramadhan. Eid mubarak, efenem! =)

  5. don’t worry about this stupids….we all (group A) standing beside you to protect you…..This is a lion fight,don’t care about this small useless insect’s ok….Let them waste their time by preparing this kind of “fantasy” letters….wish you “selamat hari raya”.and good luck…..

  6. 1stly..
    it’s IEJA, mr EFENEM..
    well…about us laughing there (with mikhail) was simply bcoz the letter was so weird and stupid and the translation that mikhail mikhailovich did made it even funnier..
    typically, only cowards would have such FANTASTIC ideas like signing at the end of the letter with ur NICKNAME..and since he/she/they have no guts to do smth more PHYSICAL in the open, all they could afford with their cowardice is the pitiful letter (sanggup bersusah payah translate tu!!)
    what can i say…cowards are jz no-brainers with a big mouth who TALK BIG behind d scene about how GREAT they are..(most probably exaggerated anyways)..
    so,leave them be..pathetic people are simply not worth your (and our) time,energy,thoughts..
    getting to know 1st hand sure was smth…

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