Subjek Picisan – Epidemiology

Epidemiology is a very important subject in med school. I am not an epidemiologist, but I know it is important. The President of NNSMA himself is a gold-medal epidemiologist.

Yeah, so it is important.

It is a very important subject that the teacher still wants me to replace class when I took a day off to celebrate Raya. It is very important that every definition must be memorized word by word. Such is the high standard of epidemiology in NNSMA.


The lectures are superb. But sadly, the classes are not. The breaks are very long. I don’t know about the other teachers, but ours gave us break for 1.5 hours yesterday and 3 hours break today!


Epid class waste time

Kok King wee-weely jumps around in the classroom, in between the UMNO and MISA presidents who were conspiring about taking over MSA presidency ngenge…


Waste time watch porn

And then spent some time watching disgusting porn in someone’s N95. Look at those happy faces….


Bosan epid waste time

Boring faces


Waste time epid

More boring faces….


Waste time

Nothing much to learn in epidemiology class. I wonder how much of MARA’s, JPA’s and private students’ USD went down the drain in today’s class?


Perhaps I should also petition to abolish epidemiology?? 🙂

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.


4 thoughts on “Subjek Picisan – Epidemiology

  1. i agree that the teacher is really boring, we had the same situation last time.But i don’t agree that we should abolish epid (but hygiene mayb…hehe).I love the other 2 lecturers, they r really good. So what should i say, we r quite unlucky to have that teacher:-( But it happens everywhere right?I think u r big enough to manage our spare time given by the teacher to do sumthing interesting n benificial, such quiz…our class did that b4, n it seems very interesting:-)

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