Subjek picisan – epidemiology (II)

Today, the epidemiology class was like yesterday and the day before – total waste of time. It was told that our teacher was accompanying Shkarin (President of NNSMA) earlier this morning. The teacher was supposed to come at 11 am, but look how long we waited:

teacher hasnt come

Damn! Almost an hour waiting… USD went down the drain again…


So what did we do?

jawi n khat by ija

We had Jawi and Khat lessons. Nantha’s, Kok King’s, Rose’s and Ka Keat’s names were written aesthetically by Ija.


Then, they got awfully interested in Jawi because the Khat written by Ija was beautiful. For those who still don’t know, Jawi is the Arabicized Malay writing, and Khat is all about aesthetics in Jawi/Arab letters.


Then, they start learning the Jawi letters and how to pronounce them.


jawi lesson in epidemiology class

jawi teacher teaching the student

Teaching Kok King letter by letter

learning jawi

Teach me jawi! Teach me jawi!

Jawi teacher

Learning in progress hehe… 🙂


Then some people creatively did this:

unseen creativity in Jawi

Haha, the unseen creativity in Jawi. Kinda funny tho… 🙂


The teacher came for 10 minutes or so. She took our attendance, gave us something to copy/rewrite, then off she went! Instead of copying her learning materials, look at these people’s activities:

dont touch me gays

pls I'm not gay presidents wrestle

The MISA and UMNO presidents gayly wrestle with each other as if they can’t get a room for this 🙂



Finally, they watched Family Guy in my iPod. Kok King is an avid fan of Family Guy, he memorizes all the funny dialogues – he can even mimic the dialogues and make them funny for everyone 🙂


Then we went home. What a productive day!


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