Nizhniy in pictures

It’s photo season. And bytes glutton 🙂

Many credits to Kok King.


Raya photos

IMG_5740 IMG_5749IMG_5728

Clockwise from top left: Biro Penerbitan dan Informasi PPIM, Maresmartians in NNSMA, Classmates Group 531 A, Random photo with seniors and junior.


Autumn photos

We finished subjek picisan epidemiology earlier and we walked by the river bank – look what we saw!


The boys, the autmn and the lamp post


Nothing to say


Maple ke? I doesn’t knowing la~

Maple Syrup Urine Disease kot ngenge



06102008335 06102008329

Well, this photos were taken by my E71 3.2 megapix only 😦



Model murahan ngenge


Then ice cream!!!


Some citizens of Nizhniy Novgorod decided to picket

07102008337 07102008338

Picket in Minin and “Fiery” Square



Translation: (Left) Economy grows with the blessing of the people; (Right) Low salary – poor country


Random photos


Sikit je PPIM bagi aku makan masa majlis raya haritu. Nasib baik Azman datang boleh makan lagi… 🙂



Kesan tembakan airgun di tingkat 2 hostel 3


29092008276 29092008277

Makanan buka puasa yg Jatding bagi aku makan masa hari terakhir Ramadhan di Nizhniy


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