Ngenge snippets

Extra practical classes (EPCs)

This is the never ending issue. For government students, they do not have to go thru the headache of whether this can be refunded or not. Everything has been paid for them and the EPC is compulsory. The only thing I did for them is requesting improvements of the EPC.

The private students who do not want to undergo this EPC might have a big headache whether they can get refund or not. To be honest, I receive multiple contradicting statements from many sources; Lydia, Erlykina, Zagainov and Mr. Ng.

The poor communication between the Deans themselves, the Deans and Russian Resources, the Deans and the students resulting in headache for everyone, especially efenem, from whom everyone expects to have the answers.

As a result; some notices have to be removed, some hopes have to be crushed, until final confirmation and/or written statements are obtained.

People say the President shouldn’t complain. If everyone complains to the President, the President complains to whom? His blog saje lah…



The babi blonde epidemiologist assigned to my group is also giving me a headache.

I missed one class during Raya. I had told a lecturer beforehand then I went straight to the Deans to do the same thing for all Malaysian Muslim students also. The babi blonde also said that if there’s a valid reason for not attending class, just get the permission and replace the class. No one has to pay.

The babi blonde did not teach us much in class. Sometimes she just came in for 5 minutes or so, took attendance, and then gave us some crappy substandard notes to copy. You can read more about that here and here.

I told the babi blonde that my reason of taking a day off is valid, then she told me to pay 525 rubles for one missed class!!! That is equivalent to 7 academic hours in a whole day class without lecture. I went to Yuriy Aleksandrovitch (Vice Dean for senior years), he said paying 150 rubles should be enough. Well, 150 rubles is still acceptable for me. So I paid.

But the babi blonde said it is not acceptable. I still have to pay the remaining till 525 rubles!

My groupmate, Paliki, he was absent for 3 days. One for Raya, and the other two for ngenge. In addition to paying 525 rubles like me, he needs to pay 1425 rubles in total for 3 missed classes!!! That is 19 academic hours. I know the babi blonde is lying. If at all true, Paliki should be charged only 17 academic hours, without counting the lectures.

There she got 150 rubles extra (2 academic hours) going inside her colon.

Regardless, I am very skeptical if I have to replace class for 7 academic hours. Probably just 5 minutes of sembang-sembang, then off I go. That is 525 rubles worth spending!



I think everyone agrees that this year’s Majlis Raya was not as merry as last year’s. But I have to commend their works because everything seemed systematically organized.

People keep asking me about my open house. Actually I was thinking about doing it, then I see no chance of doing that. Why? Haha… If I can use MSA’s money, sure I will make it grand.

Efenem is already broke. With the babi blonde charging me 525 rubles and my megafon credit loss of 800 rubles in a week.

It seems that going to your open houses is my only option left 😉


5 thoughts on “Ngenge snippets

  1. definitely a super duper money minded babi!!! pity u n my perut cos dun get to taste ur food cos no open house. cheh macam u ever invited me before *hint*hint*

  2. woowoo.. someone is getting emo! haha! u should be optimistic n open minded bout this thing faiz! look at the bright side of this situation! u could actually save A LOT of money by not doing the open house for raya (as if u ever did one b4 :P) compared to the lil’ money spent on atrobodka! besides, the money paid wud be use wisely to renovate the almost-runtuh hospital buildings in nizhniy so that u wont be very embarrassed when bringing ur frens or parents to russia! hehe.. btol x rakan2?

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