Today is the day of rounds. I followed the grand rounds in Cardiac Center Nizhniy Novgorod, learning congenital heart defects. And I also did my grand rounds in blogosphere, looking for something interesting to read.

There are indeed many interesting things to read. Go read yourself.

But I want to bring something that I found in Life of Medicine and Magic.

Mnemonic – is important in medicine. Well, at least for med students “kindergarten kids” tho… 😉

For example: Adverse effects of Amiodarone: BITCH

B – Bradycardia
I – Interstitial lung fibrosis
T – Thyroid dysfunction
C – Corneal microdeposits
H – Hypersensitivity/ Hepatitis


Another example: 3 zones of adrenal cortex: GFR – glomerulosa, fasciculata and reticularis, which mainly regulate balance of salt (mineralocorticoids), sugar (glucocorticoids) and sex (androgens).
So the mnemonics for this: The deeper you go, the sweeter it gets. 🙂


Main factors/conditions known to precipitate hepatic encephalopathy: HEPATICS

H – Hemorrhage in GIT

E – Excess protein in diet

P – Potassium depletion (diuretics, paracentesis)

A – Alkalosis, azotemia

T – Trauma

I – Infection (Bacterial peritonitis or others)

C – Constipation, colon surgery

S – Sedatives


Ngenge, I’m sure everyone has their own mnemonic. If I am to put all the medical mnemonics in the world, might as well I write a book and make big bucks out of it 🙂

Meanwhile, Malaysian officials claim that our education system is a role model while there’s not a single Malaysian university in top 200 global ranking.

I also wonder where is NNSMA in the ranking??? Well, perhaps after implementing the extra practical classes (EPCs), our med school can get into top 100 and be on par with Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge and all that… And we finally can be proud of our alma mater ngenge 😉


2 thoughts on “BITCH

  1. russian resources used to brag that NNSMA is in the top 10 of WHO’s university ranking but i can’t find prove of this anywhere in the net! is it true mr prez?

  2. What the…???

    Is RR saying that NNSMA is much better than Harvard, John Hopkins, Yale, Duke or Stanford? Are you sure RR did not say it’s just among Russian med univerities? The NNSMA’s website said that it is the 7th out of 46 Russianwide.

    Is WHO making rankings of med schools in the first place? From what I heard someone claimed that Moscow Medical Academy is the 2nd best in the world, which up till now I could not find any prove of that…

    Well, people do lie in ads.

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