French kiss (warning: content is not appropriate for children under 22 years old)

French kiss is gooooooooood. (happy happy)🙂

Emmmm exchanging saliva is gooooooooood🙂

Let There Be Love by Cyberdadou.[1]

18 thoughts on “French kiss (warning: content is not appropriate for children under 22 years old)

  1. is faiz becoming bad boy gone wild? i always knew that u are sexually unstable but i didnt know up to this extent.. poor faiz najmi! did u just finish watching porn or smth?? maybe u should kawen cepat just like what tuey advised u..😛 ngehngehngeh!~

  2. faiz always like this one… haha! i’ve known him for almost a decade now (setelah dibundarkan!).. so yeah nothing really change except for the color n shape of his specs, the thing btw his nose n upper lip (lol!) and his hair style. well he got a lot of sense of humor now compared to back then. haha!~ kan faiz kan?😛

  3. Everyone, this is not porn. Lemme give u sex ed.

    Porn is direct penetration😉 The porn actors are naked and expose their privates during shooting. This is absolutely no porn. Thus, this is not disgusting ngenge🙂

    Have u tried french kissing? Try first then decide if it is geli or syokkkkk😉

    Tujuan: hehehe dont know🙂

  4. whooot??
    kenapa blog awak tiba2 jadi mcmni?😯

    eh, kalo ye pon carik la gambar yang lebih..erm.. how to say, lebih romantik atau lebih comel.. hihihi B)

    p/s: im also under 22. lol.

  5. hmm….despite the fact that french kissing could transfer hundreds of microbial colonies per second, it is a good way to relieve stress and relase the ‘happy hormones’…
    sex ed..hehe…u could’ve done it in a more ‘educational’ way, faiz..ngenge
    and i’m above 22 y.o. ngengenge

  6. 18sx.. dis is edu sex.. poor malaysian not learning it at their schools… but,watchout 4 dis action can pass the virus thru exchanging saliva.. is it thru doc?

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