Cardiosurgery rotation

Cardiosurgery – sounds like a big, important and glamorous rotation.

Not really, though. Well, at least it’s so much better than epidemiology by babi blonde (or fu*k face as described by kochi). We didn’t get any chance to observe or assist in any fancy surgeries tho. Just discussion in class and clerking patients. Better than epidemiology 🙂












Let’s talk about turf-wars.

In late 20th century, cadiosurgeons have a lot of responsibilities. Open heart surgeries, close heart surgeries, vascular surgeries, angiographies and angioplasties etc. Those are the procedures – and these procedures pay big money and made the cardiosurgeons super rich in early 1990s.

The cardiologists (the medical counterpart) complained that their incomes were too low and their responsibilities were very little. Thus they fought over and over, especially on angiographies and angioplasties. This turf war among cardiologists and cardiosurgeons went on for quite a while until the cardiologists got what they want – doing the PTCA or Percutaneus Transluminal Coronary Angiography.


This new subspecialty in cardiology is called interventional cardiology. When you hear some chap working as interventional cardiologist, that usually means that he/she is a medical-cardiologist trained in radiological intervention.

That is a big win for cardiologists. PTCA is really a big market. You already know that coronary heart disease is the 1st killer among all heart diseases. And many patients prefer less invasive interventions to open clogs in their coronaries using stents, rather than open-heart bypass surgeries!


I win! I win! I have PTCA and you have nothing………….!
  1990 2006
Cardiosurgeons $ 1.02 mil $ 425,000
Cardiologists $ 392,000 $ 550,000
Annual income for both cardiologists and cardiosurgeons in the US as reported in New York Times
In Malaysia, the cardiologists earn more than cardiosurgeons. Seriously 🙂 Even the cardiothoracic surgeon in the US starts selling pills because his work doesn’t pay as much. Read more here.
Brock, 55, said his take-home pay had fallen from $380,000 in the early 1980s to about $80,000. His malpractice insurance cost $70,000 a year, while he was being paid only $1,500 per bypass operation.

But many doctors in Tampa Bay see Brock’s defection in symbolic terms. Brock, after all, was supposed to be at the top of the medical heap. He was performing complex surgeries including heart transplants at a major trauma hospital. He even trained with Dr. Michael E. DeBakey, one of the world’s best-known heart surgeons. If Brock is bested by rising malpractice costs and shrinking payments, what hope is there for the rest of medicine?

But Russia has a different story. In Nizhniy Novgorod, a nurse in Nizhniy Novgorod’s Cardiac Center said that the cardiosurgeons earn only 15,000 rubles (USD 576) a month! I do not know how much do the cardiologists earn.
The cardiosurgeons in Nizhniy still have the authority to PTCA (angiographies and angioplasties). Cardiologists like Pa**va is only as good as her sarcasms. Probably the stories of victory of cardiologists all over the world haven’t reached her ears yet LOL 😉
Last but not least, please visit this blog (I’m just doing this because he begged me, down on his knees and offered photocopy discounts if his blog hits go up)

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