Extra Practical Classes (EPC)

I just realized that I was getting feedbacks from everyone but I haven’t give my own thoughts yet on EPC. Well, not as an official entry in my own blog. I am writing here as efenem, not the MSA President.



The 6 years of medical education in NNSMA should have made the students here a lot more proficient in medical knowledge and medical skills, compared to  4 years for US students and 5 years for other medical school students in the world. During housemanship, our graduates from Russian medical schools should have been the best compared to the others.

But the deans already admitted that our medical education is not enough to prepare us clinically and practically during housemanship. You can ask Professor Zagainov, Prof. Strongin, Lydia Alekseevna,  and Dean Erlykina themselves. And for the first time, I reaalllllllllyy agree with them. Or should I say, they now agree with my already long-established opinion?? 😉

I have been to EPC once, and I don’t feel like my practical skills have improved. Of course its too early to say, but if 5 classes of therapy EPC should have made the students better in therapy practical skills, then I expect ONE class to show some results!

I think the “product” is a waste of time and money. I think there’s not so many procedures to be done. I’d pay about USD 200 for practical for 4 weeks, 7 hours daily in HUKM, and I’d see many more patients and do many more practicals in 2 weeks time than I ever did 10 months studying in Russia! I get much more clinical exposures, not just mere repetitions of palpations, percussions and auscultations. I can extend my stay in HUKM for a few more weeks even!

I know in the US, some programs require you to pay money for foreign student’s observership and do nothing but observe and learn the patients for USD 1500 a month. But have you heard that they make their own students pay for EPC? This is our academy!

And yet they expect us to pay USD 500 for a mere 15 classes, 2 hours each class for this? A waste of taxpayers and private students’ money. It is as if “Look at you. You paid 500 USD, you palpate patients and you’re highly qualified doctors. You should be proud of yourselves.”



The meeting with Prof. Zagainov and Lydia Alekseevna was dull. Not so many came despite have been echoed for 3 weeks. It’s not a problem if they did not come, but it becomes a problem when they blame the others if the outcomes of the meeting conflict their interest.

Of course everyone did not have many questions once Prof. Zagainov promised it is possible to refund the private students thru Russian resources. I don’t know about the others, but I do feel that “we are increasing the passing level of practical exam. If you do not pass, you have to repeat academic year”  and I will show you that Malaysian students lack practical skills”  as threats for those who refuse to attend EPC.

I congratulate those who came to the meeting.



I asked an African student and said that they’ll riot if this EPC is made compulsory for them. They’ll use the African embassies and their parents to put pressure on their agents and the Dean’s Office. That is how crazy and extensive they can be.

I actually wish that kind of extensive support too, not that I approve of violent riot. If some people really want something, but they do not show collective support when the leadership is fighting for them by organizing meetings, so who is to blame? I even had to flame the African students so that they can show us some support and come to the meeting. But I failed.

That is how pathetic I can get…


6 thoughts on “Extra Practical Classes (EPC)

  1. the thing that we can do is to alert those important ppl. but the problem is, our government can’t be trusted to solve this kinda thing. if they do, they would have acknowledge bout this practical thing before the students do. they should have been informed earlier bout it. and to get into our malaysian HO standards, it is not our job to ask our beloved malaysian gov to keep improving our studies here. they(gov) should have done better in keeping the standards. honestly, i do not see any solutions to dismantle the corruptions in our uni, however , i wud propose you guys to get the best time during the epc. that’s the only way to appreciate our time. well, we are here. in future, we can care and inform ones who doesn’t get into the country yet.

  2. I think it was the fact that there were like 5 open houses on Saturday that deterred people to attend. 🙂 I myself was cooking during the meeting…hehe

  3. For those who masak, of course thanks for their hardwork feeding the people and making them and me happy.

    BUt still support is needed. Today only one open house and I am starving.

    Anyways, lets focus on the present and future.

  4. hohoho… i was busy looking foward to attending open houses that i forgot about the whole meeting thing. sorry.

    but anyway, if a lot of students came for the meeting pon, i doubt the end result will be significantly changed. after this definitely they will torture malaysian yg don’t go to EPC masa exam.

    wpun that EPC x bagi byk input pon. this is an educational bribe!

    my conclusion, they just want our money. full stop.

  5. Result does matter.

    But support matters much much more! It’s not about supporting the student body, it’s about supporting yourselves, what you want to fight for.

    Anyways, things have settled and everyone seem to enjoy raya open houses, which were :):):)

  6. I hv no problem going for practicals, cos it is my first time n i want to know what is it that is so great abt this EPC that the Deans is bragging about. When i heard what Zagainov said about the increasing passing mark, I was like, “Great, as if we r not in so much shit just cos we r M’sian, now added wif this pulak”
    U know, actually i was expecting this answer from the deans, cos they know we M’sian are afraid of exams, repeating year n so on n so forth. N THERE IS NO ONE OUT THERE TO HELP US!!!. They say such things n all m’sians will suddenly want to go for the EPC.
    The agents, they just want money, they get it they leave us to rot here. The goverment, PLS LA JGN HARAP DIE ORG NAK PANDANG PUN!!!
    So its either we go riot wif the agent in m’sia or the govt, there is not point we fight wif the Deans here!!
    Sorry i didnt cum for the meeting!! pergi makan kat open house! 🙂

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