On 24th of October 2008 (Friday), a group of 30 Malaysian students of NNSMA went to Moscow. This trip is fully paid by the embassy and most of the students took the business class cabin to Moscow.

Arrived in Kazanskiy Vokzal at 8 a.m. Mr. Azman of JPA said I have the power to order the bus around for the whole day. So at first I ordered the bus to go to embassy because I wanted to poop. Not just me la, everyone else too 😉

Some minutes after doing stuffs in embassy, all 30 students boarded the bus and decided to go Arbat. So Arbat we went 🙂


Somewhere in Arbat. Don’t know don’t care. It was morning and I was cold.



Picture in old Arbat street. Kinda disappointed. I think Pakrovka street in Nizhniy is longer than Arbat



Breakfasting with salads in Baguetteria. Should have put the receipt for claim like certain people… grrr!!


Then, in the afternoon we returned to the embassy. We waited for the arrival of Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) delegates, headed by Tan Sri Dr. Ismail Merican. Then lunch. Then talk.

Talk was about 1 hour and 10 minutes or so. 😦 I thought it should be longer. We came this far to talk only for 70 minutes? Disappointed! What about those 20 Volgograd students? They flew to Moscow, talked 70 minutes, got their 9000 rubles and go home the same day!?

Well at least they assured us that they won’t derecognize the universities in Russia, or having any intention to do so. And they were impressed with MMA, RSMU and KSMU!!! Huaaa…… How did that happen??!

Then we got our train ticket claims, and the 1000 ruble allowance 🙂

We got nothing to do, the embassy did not provide us dinner. So, again, I had to order the bus to take us somewhere we can hang out, spend our evening and squander the money we got 🙂


The four of us: Me, Kid, Justin, Firdaus went to Planeta Sushi. At first we hesitated because we needed to queue up to get in. After listening to Justin’s comments, we kinda like the idea of queuing up. It looked as if the restaurant is very elite and happening, and we’re there to eat like the elite Muscovite snobs hahahaha!

Well, I ate three dishes, one of them is a cute hime (princess) plus a mojito!!!


I ate so many stuff and I am not fat… ngenge



Hime set… No wonder all hime (princesses) in the world look anorexic… Mana boleh kenyang makan camni!!



Efenem got drunk with mojito!!! Well, nothing was remotely alcoholic with the mojito tho…. 😉


Then came back to Nizhniy Novgorod. Very productive discussion! Worth every rouble from our Malaysian government! 😉


2 thoughts on “Moskau

  1. the panel shud be prolong the meeting. oni Tan Sri betul2 beramah mesra with students. may be they all tired travel all the way from Malaysia to meet us in Russia. @@ for Malaysian Nizhnian information, the Tan Sri team will come to Nizhny Novgorod on this Wednesday and may be we will have meeting with them afternoon. pls, can someone from MSA will confirm this meeting? when exact, venue of meeting? all students invited? curiculum silibus of Year 1 – Year 6 ?

    anyway, nice trip to and back from moscow. business class was just ok^^ selesa tapi kecik skit 🙂 and got 3 spotting cabin-mate – eugen (lai fong’s classmate), tasha n dave “jun kang”. lol

    *who got moscow pics in share folder? i can hv some^^ ye lah, 1st time went to embassy of Malaysia, so the pics are important to me. i nak buat harta pusaka lah.

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