Guides to housemanship in Malaysia

Got this from Malaysian Medical Council website. Here are some of the PDF guidebooks worth downloading:

  1. A guidebook for House Officers (935 kb)
  2. List of hospitals approved for Houseman training (55.7 kb)
  3. Medical Act 1971 (133 kb) – about laws and stuffs
  4. List of recognized medical institutions (350 kb)
  5. List of unrecognized medical institutions (81 kb)
  6. Duties of a doctor

** If you have trouble downloading, please go to workgroup –> EFENEMOCOCCUS —> Trekstor –> AAAA download umah –> MMC

**For Nizhnians only!! Please do not rely on sharing. Most of the time I do not share… 😉


4 thoughts on “Guides to housemanship in Malaysia

  1. hello there,i m currrently a local final yr mbbs stdnt n need 2 fill up my s.p.a. form but would like 2 know which hospitals are good to do my housemanship in kuala lumpur?tq

    ms Huq

  2. hi, I am Sri Lanken girl and obtained my medical degree from the Kursk State Medical University in June 2010 and could u please recommend a hospital for enable me to do my hoursemanship in malaysia

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