MMC and Traumatology

Today marks a new day of my new cycle – traumatology and orthopedics. Yesterday we had exam on ophthalmology, and let’s just say I was very very lucky πŸ™‚

Traumatology class started with us getting acquainted with traumatology in Russian Federation. Then the teacher went to operate his patient. We played Bingo and Battleship. Then watched war surgeries. Then breakfast. Then Bingo again! πŸ˜‰


Ngenge traumatology is fun!


Guess what after bingo?

The four MMC panelists, Mr. Azman, Professor Zagainov and one Malay lady came to visit us!!!!

Everyone hurriedly hid their bingo papers except Ija. When one of the panelists Dato’ Dr. Hamid asked what we were doing in class today, I said we watched the war surgeries video. That was true, but not the whole truth πŸ˜‰ The panelists and Professor Zagainov interrogated our teacher and us.

Huaaaa….. Kinda intense tho! Two of the MMC panelists are orthopedic surgeons; Dato’ Dr. Hamid and Dr. Yeoh. It was very, I mean very, I repeat very very very intense!!!!

Seriously intense. Seriously.


Although we explained that it was our first day, somehow the MMC ortho surgeons showed no mercy. Dato’ Dr. Hamid even insisted that we examine an ortho patient even though we do not know any basics of orthopedic just yet!

Our teacher showed us and the panelists the traumatology hospital. Went here went there blabla. Our teacher also was quite avoiding the questions asked by the MMC panelists and Professor Zagainov. Even the panelists said they did not understand whatever our teacher said. I seriously do not know what impression these people would get later on.

After some time later, they blah berambus with two Brabus Mercedes…



The meeting was rather rushed because the delegates were stuck in traffic jam. But somehow the meeting really took place. Talked about hostel fees, internet connection, lectures, lecturers, practicals, housemanship and so on so forth. I just knew that we overseas students are not allowed to touch the patients in Malaysia and the Malaysian doctors who allowed us to do so are in breach of the Medical Act 1971! Wow!~ Such a serious tone by Dr. Yeoh…

An interesting thing when the delegates arrived at the hostel compound was that our beloved E****ina wanted the panelists to have a look at BFK building and then the hostel, as if wanting to delay the already delayed panelists from meeting the students. But I insisted the students were waiting so long in the hall. The panelists took my advice instead of hers :):):)

Efenem 1 – E****ina 0 πŸ˜‰

And the MMC panelists also agree that the 500 USD for EPC is a bull~ they should’ve provided the practicals for free…

Some also said about training eyes and ears, attending lectures, OHP and power points, physics department…. so fun!~


5 thoughts on “MMC and Traumatology

  1. Saje nk tampal kat sini. =p

    Act 50 – Medical Act 1971

    34A. Examination and treatment of patients by student of medicine

    (1) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Act, it shall be lawful for any person who is pursuing a course of study in medicine or surgery in –

    (a) any University or University College established in accordance with the provisions of the Universities and University College Act 1971;

    (b) any educational institution specified in the Third Schedule,

    to carry out, in pursuance of the course of study, any investigation, examination or treatment of patients in any hospital, clinic, health center or other institution which is approved by the Minister for the purposes of this section by notification in the Gazette; provided that the investigation, examination or treatment is carried out by the person under the control and supervision of a fully registered medical practitioner who holds a current and valid annual practicing certificate.

    (2) For the purposes of paragraph (1)(b), no educational institution shall be specified in the Third Schedule unless –

    (a) it is an educational institution registered under the Education Act 1961 or any law in connection with the registration of an educational institution; and

    (b) is affiliated with any institution specified in the second column of the Second Schedule for the purpose of granting to the students of the educational institution the specified qualification appearing against the institution.

    (3) Any hospital, clinic, health center or other institution managed and operated by the Government and approved by the Minister under subsection (1) shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage of a civil nature occasioned to any patient or other person solely in consequence of any investigation, examination or treatment of a patient under subsection (1) by a person pursuing a course of study in medicine or surgery
    specified under paragraph (1)(a) or (b); provided that nothing in this subsection shall be construed as conferring on the person or on the University or University College or educational institution where he is pursuing the course of study or on any officer or
    employed of the University or University College or educational institution any immunity from any liability for such injury, loss or damage.

    (4) The Minister may amend the Third Schedule by a notification in the Gazette.

  2. eh..ask them to amend the law to learn if we are only allowed to observe from a distance?? its not as if we would be doing any harm ( hopefully not ) wonder i had to sit at the ward and count the flies flying around my head πŸ™‚ kena sindir that russian graduates tak tau buat kerja lagi ( when in reality, he is decades backward in knowing that ukraine is a separate country on its own ) πŸ˜›

  3. thats why better do prac in small district hospital (like the one in PB! hehe). u get to do almost everything (which i did) like suture, ecg, POP, nail avulsion, wound i&d, injections n many more. all u have to do is ASK n befriend with the MAs and the nurses instead of the cocky MO who had just graduated and act like they know everything which they dont.. πŸ˜› one of the midwives even offered me to suture back the episiotomy but too bad i refused coz its not smth that im familiar with.. hehe! πŸ˜€

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