• I have to congratulate someone for being a candidate in one of the top posts in the International Students Union. Being even the candidate was not really smooth-sailing because it was kinda last minute,  but somehow things really worked out. If chosen, responsibilities await.
  • Got to assist in knee mobilization surgery yesterday. As the second assistant, I was just the humble servant to the main surgeon and the 1st assistant. What I did was just elevating the leg, rotating it internally, applying and cutting bandages, wiping blood, widening and clearing the surgical field as per instructions by the real surgeons.


  • I just realized that Mr. Azman of JPA has visited us 3 times within this 2 months since the opening of semester. While everyone has their own opinion about Mr. Azman, I think that’s a good sign that Malaysian students of NNSMA are being visited by government officer. Hopefully he can come more often to meet us students.
  • MMC… What about them? I still have no comment. So far, the MMC president and secretary positively responded to my emails that they’re willing to communicate for the interests of Malaysian medical students in NNSMA. Let’s see how that goes.
  • JPA division directors in Putrajaya should’ve managed their time better. Calling for meeting everyday till midnight is absurd and not family friendly. If they can’t manage their time efficiently, then they shouldn’t be directors in the first place.
  • Unity Day (День народного единства) falls on 4th November 2008 (Tuesday). Saturday’s class replaces Monday’s so that everyone in Russian Federation can have good holiday from Sunday till Tuesday… Tomorrow Saturday is a working day, hopefully looking to a bone grafting in traumatology center. Read announcement here.

2 thoughts on “Senyoooomm

  1. salam faiz tekan..

    di sini aku ingin mengutarakan beberapa cadangan:

    seperti yang kita tahu, kuliah (lecture) adalah waktu untuk menyalin. oleh sebab itu kehadiran ke kuliah tidak mencapai tahap yang membanggakan. jadi aku ingin cadangkan supaya setiap subjek yang ada kuliah menyediakan nota-nota yang boleh dicetak (seperti hematologi). jadikan waktu kuliah waktu untuk memahami bukan waktu untuk menyalin..

    satu cadangan lagi adalah untuk menetapkan kehadiran sebanyak 90% dari jumlah kuliah untuk layak mengambil peperiksaan.

    internet (kurang penting). benarkan pelajar-pelajar mengambil perkhidmatan daripada syarikat-syarikat luar. msa boleh menetapkan ultimatum kepada akademi untuk hal ini.

    malaysian night supaya lebih kepada pertunjukan budaya. bukannya satu pertandingan konsert

    msa menganjurkan forum-forum terbuka. forum berkisar kepada topik-topik semasa.

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