Someone proved me wrong

This is an email I got from Datuk Dr. Yeoh Poh Hong, one of the MMC member who visited us last week.

Dear Faiz,
It was our great pleasure to be able to spend the short time with you and your colleagues in Moscow (some 30 of you) and then once again in Nizhniy – although rather hurried.
We have come away with a different picture about medical education in Russia generally and in Nizhny in particular. We are all impressed with the high standards of training you are getting compared with many of our local medical schools.
You have a great responsibility representing the Malaysian students and do not feel intimidated about bringing up the problems of the students to the Rectorate. They have promised to look into all problems. Our pre-conceived views that the education there may be substandard has been proven wrong. We have identified the shortcomings and will be communicating with all the medical schools to have a slight modification to their curriculum.
Study hard and come back to serve your country as soon as possible.
Yours sincerely,

Alright alright, now that I’m proven wrong, you can grin big and wide from ear to ear. And I’m glad that I am proven wrong too. That’s the joy of being a pessimist – either I’m constantly proven right, or pleasantly surprised when proven wrong.

Read here, here, here and here. (Not to offend any university – but just proving his point).

Although he visited NNSMA only for a day, I am still glad that he said that the medical education in NNSMA is not substandard. It’s not like he visited any other Malaysian-recognized universities any longer than he did for us.

And he also disagrees to the $500 for EPC.

Meanwhile, check this out about the world ranking of our local universities in Malaysia…

Top Malaysian Universities (World Rank) 2007

Nizhniy Novgorod State University is ranked 1867th in world rank (couldn’t find NNSMA in particular, but I guess it applies for all the universities that exist in Nizhniy Novgorod)

You judge 🙂


3 thoughts on “Someone proved me wrong

  1. Lol the ranking is so so wrong wonder where you got the ranking, so after this period of housemanship, do you think it is possible for us russian graduates to be a specialist?

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