Of Hooligans and the Fall


When I brought up the security reasons that may arise from late timing of EPC, some people thought it was a joke. And that includes our beloved deans, Zagainov and some students who strongly agreed with EPC implementation (thus paying $500 for palpations and percussions).

On 14th November, Tuan (real name), was assaulted by a group of 4 hooligans after coming back from EPC. These 4 hooligan kids demanded some money from him. Then, out of nowhere one of them punched him at the mandible. Tuan seems to be fine physically now. If you want to know in depth of the story, ask Tuan himself.

Fortunately, one of those hooligan kids was arrested and brought to the police station. Tuan went there to make a report. He went to the police station (which is situated near Sherbinki area) with a police car. Funny thing, he had to return back to the hostel ALL BY HIMSELF


I did get some warnings since yesterday (13th November), that there was a report of a group of 4th year students being chased by hooligans. Then, today (14th November) I also got a report that some of our students were chased by the same hooligans at the bus stop area before going to the neurology lecture by Singapore professor in 5th hospital.

Thus I demanded to call the police squad from the 3rd hostel guards prior to leaving for neurology lecture. They knew that someone was chased but I doubt they did anything about it. Also I reported the same thing to the guard at the guard post outside the hostel compound. He was much more annoying: “This is Russia with a big population. Of course some of them would be hooligans”.

I want to report to deanery so that they can fire this fella.

In the meantime, please limit your time going out. If you have to go out, go in groups. Be safe, walk safe.


The Fall


The neurology lecture by the Singapore professor was conducted at the 5th Hospital on its first day today. It was absolutely superb! I think even Professor Grigoryevna also was impressed by this Singapore fella.

But that’s not what I wanna talk about.

After the lecture finished, everyone was preparing to head home. Everyone was assembling in the lobby doing their things before getting home. It was unfortunate that Sathia (real name) didn’t see the stairs behind a semicircular table in the lobby that he fell down, open fractured his humerus, and bleed.

A group of students hurriedly rush to the emergency department to get help from the emergency doctors. They came to the stairs and assessed Sathia. Sathia was conscious. She said that this is not emergent and no orthopedic specialists working in 5th hospital.

So, she suggested that Sathia walked out from the hospital, go to one polyclinic blabla because she cannot treat him here. WTFFFFF!!!!!???

He is bleeding, obviously in pain and fractured, and yet she wants him to walk to a polyclinic???

Then she went back to call some surgeons and doctors, administered Sathia painkillers blabla. And she needed to call an ambulance to transport him to another hospital. WTFFFFFFFF!!!!!????

He is fucking bleeding and in pain, AND OBVIOUSLY STILL IN A HOSPITAL mind you, yet you need to transport him to another hospital??? At least give him some first aid and stop the bleeding first dammit!

After 30 minutes or so the ambulance came. Only then they started to stop his bleeding and apply splint at the site of fracture!

14112008379 14112008378

Funny thing doctors and surgeons can’t do their jobs at their own hospital. Ambulance had to come to the hospital and paramedics did all the work.


It’s certainly not a fine day for Malaysians. Let’s pray for our own safety in Russia and a speedy recovery for Sathia.


7 thoughts on “Of Hooligans and the Fall

  1. huhu…i was the student who being chased by the hooligans yesterday,n there were about 10 of them…luckily arif n i managed to escape..Alhamdulillah..but the worst thing happened,where the guard at the guard post was drunk and we jz told him that there were hooligans near the sport zal n the guard was jz..ha!!gde2??gde?? with his eyes blinking.. totally useless!! at that time i didnt hope anythg from the drunken guard..n we hurriedly headed to the hostel…somethg has 2 be done!! seriously,at least 4 d time being…

  2. everything is fine..Alhamdulillah (“,)..senyum2 semangat2..tapi syukurlah ada sorang budak tu kena tangkap..sempat sekali punch+sekali terajang..haha…tp derang ada amik gambo..huhu cuaknye…berhati2lah dngan dak2 dalam umur 16-18 tahun yg tutup mulut mereka dengan ‘mafla’ coz dak2 ni memang ‘mafia’ n hooligan tak bertempat..

  3. the 4 ‘hooligan kids’ u’d mentioned, i think they’re there at the bus stop near zoo park just now ( around 3pm).
    zaid, pearly, jonas and i were on our way to catch a bus to sherbinki when the 4 kiddos came twrd us and say sth like ”stay here!we’ll come back”-and dashed into the produkti nearby.
    but of course, we straight away panicking and get on the very next bus.
    the thing is, i saw them coming from our hostel area!
    mana pergi polis yg merayau2 yang ada before?

  4. Kamil: Marilah kite bersama-sama pergi dekanat minggu depan bagi tujuan melaporkan perkara ini pada mereka dan memecat pak guard tak guna di guard post itu.

    Tuan: Alhamdulillah. Mereka hanya budak lagi, maka kalau mereka pukul kita, marilah kita bersatu hati memusnahkan masa depan mereka juga sebagai pengajaran kepada remaja-remaja rusia yg lain.

    Ileena: I was demanding police squads from 5 different okhranas and police stations, but I was kinda disappointed. They say the police are walking around. I think thats bullshit.

  5. I was supposed to have EPC today too, but then Winny (my EPC-mate) told me about the presence of the hooligans nearby, thus we canceled our planning to go for EPC today.

    Who knows, if we did go to the EPC today, we could have been the victims too?

  6. jumpa geng geng ni…kalau depa buat hal….korang bantai jer…jangan tunjuk kesian…guna self defense yang korang tau…aite!

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