Efenem Next Top Model

On 15th November 2008 there was a photo competition (PHOTOCROSS) organized by NNSMA. There were 7 themes. I was one of the model for the photo shoot.

At that time it was in between neurology lectures by Professor Erle Lim from Singapore. Lunch time it was, so I headed back to the hostel and I saw Hafiz PPIM, Jamzuri, Nik and Mcla hanging out with the bulky cameras. I was inspired by ANTM, so I volunteered to be the model for one of the photo shoot themes. My theme was “AAAA session”.

exam is coming by JamZ`.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Taken from Jam’s Flickr



Hafiz PPIM and Jamzuri were the photographers, Mcla and Nik were the art directors of photo shoots (equivalent to Jay Manuel of ANTM ngenge).

And guess where they stand in this competition? They got No. 3!!! (out of something something)

Ngenge. Not bad at all.

Of course it wasn’t just me. They were 6 other better photos contributing to their win such as (these are not the original photos sent to PHOTOCROSS):


Theme: Don’t wanna study, wanna go army



Theme: Blue chemistry


Ngenge efenem is a model… :):):)


2 thoughts on “Efenem Next Top Model

  1. ergh no offense to nik n mcla but really jay should not be compared to any of the ppl in nizhniy.. n so is jam n hafiz not to be compared to nigel barker or mike rosenthal or jim deyonker.. ngehehe..

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