Quitting medicine??

Primary care doctors in the United States feel overworked and nearly half plan to either cut back on how many patients they see or quit medicine entirely, according to a survey released on Tuesday.

And 60 percent of 12,000 general practice physicians found they would not recommend medicine as a career.


Well, well. Nobody said medicine’s gonna be easy. Doctoring is a tough job. It expects full concentration, commitment, perfection etc. In Malaysia, although the doctors have drastic increase of salary after housemanship, the question is the lifestyle, as said by one of the doctors:


The whole thing has spun out of control. I plan to retire early even though I still love seeing patients. The process has just become too burdensome


Although Malaysian doctors are receiving quite a decent salary, but still the question is lifestyle. An MO in the third year of his/her medical practice might receive RM 6000 (plus allowances). Other lines of careers might get the very same number figure for less stress and less working hours. Money is not everything.

Read more about Physician Satisfaction.

Happy and satisfied doctors?


So, now it’s time to think about something else, such as Non-Clinical Pathways for Medical Graduates. Med school teachers for the premed subjects (anatomy, histology, physiology, pharmacology, pathology etc) are good options in the academic line. For those who want to venture into business, can think of medical advisers to insurance or pharmaceutical companies.


For those who are still interested in clinical pathways, perhaps general practice, family medicine, psychiatry, ophthalmology, ENT, anesthesia, radiology and dermatology might give better lifestyles and more income.

And not to forget  becoming the popular politicians (if you are ever interested). Our beloved Mahathir and Wan Azizah (ophthalmologist) are good examples.

I heard that a psychiatrist in Malaysian makes RM 1 mil annually by opening a clinic. Plus, mental health is a very good market nowadays. Maybe I wanna be psychiatrist 🙂



Studying in med school is not just to churn out some chaps to save lives. If it does, then in the next few years, there will be overcrowding of doctors in Malaysia already (2000++ graduate from med school each year). So, non-clinical pathways are not bad choice at all.

But of course you have to undergo the HOMO phase first before one gets to specialize or go to the other fields.


5 thoughts on “Quitting medicine??

  1. Well, some of us already have a thought of that. and i’m sure, that one day i’ll be doing something else too. medicine is an art. art characterized by creativity and delicate. but i haven’t seen the art in medicine yet since i’ve been studying it 4 years already up till now.

    Medicine, like other career has its own passion. people won’t feel suffer if they really have passion in doing something. and every people is unique with their own characteristics.

    For some people, medicine just doesn’t suit. try figure out the best thing in yourself. do not waste time in future to push on something that will make you miserable in life. money hasn’t passion. but FROM PASSION COMES MONEY.

  2. I think it’s miserable to associate passion with money. I dont mean to sound like a I dont care about money, i mean, who doesn’t right. Like it or not, money makes the world go round.

    But being a doctor is more than that. You’ve gotta seriously LOVE your job. Not only that, you have to love everything about it. Your patients, the struggle, the Pain, nightmares, and other things that crosses you mind right now. Medicine historically was a result when men wanted to help others who were suffering. It’s that feeling, that moves us forward through any obstacle. Look back and see if you can tell me doctors in the past centuries had a great time?

    In my opinion, doing medicine is a really noble thing. It trully defines self sacrifice. I hope that those without the love of this art should just quit and spare the ugly taint. You can always test your brightness in some other crazy field, like say, be a rocket scientist!

  3. The question here is not the money alone, but the lifestyle.

    One can talk about the nobility of saving lives all day long, but the fact is that medical industry is evolving in a very rapid phase. And young doctors now are thinking about lifestyles. It’s always been a stigma that once you’re a doctor, you have no social life. You won’t get married and have four kids, you’ll die a lonely death.

    But doctors are fighting hard againt this. They wanna save lives and at the same time wanna have a live. They do not appreciate having to choose between living their lives or saving other people’s lives. They wanna have both. The primary concerns in lifestyle are always the money, working hours and conditions, social life and a doctor’s own health.

    “People are now not seeing medicine as a life, just a part of it. Twenty years ago it was your life, and your family either lived with it or left you.”

    On the other hand, it is important that one LOVES being a doctor or else 30 years ahead will be full of bullcraps. It is important that one knows which direction they are going to take in the field of medicine. One cannot say they really love practicing medicine until they practise medicine, that being said – being junior doctors who are constantly pushed beyond limits.

    I would love to know people who still love doing medicine after the intense and miserable HOMOship. 🙂

  4. “I would love to know people who still love doing medicine after the intense and miserable HOMOship”

    hehe..so would i..unfortunately, most of the HOs that i met who were actually perky and ‘lovin’ it’ were new (like a few months/weeks new) and the senior HOs were like, “get out while u can”..not a good impression on this very impressionable studentka!~

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