Unsafe hospital

While Malaysian Medical Resource reported that Queen Elizabeth Hospital of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is an unsafe hospital, I want to say the same thing about 5th Hospital in Nizhniy Novgorod.

I wrote about someone fell off the stairs in 5th hospital, open-fractured the humerus and bled. The hospital staffs were incompetent and that they had to call an ambulance to sort out the accidents that happen within their own establishment. The accident happened after neurology lecture.


And then today (20th November 2008), a minor accident happened. When a dear friend was trying to pull one of the doors, that damn heavy door fell upon her. The doctors around were not helping her, but just watched instead.

The 5th hospital is undergoing renovation. Nothing is wrong with that. But safety first please. Put a tape around the no-go areas at least.

I wonder if the worshipped bigshots of the 5th Hospital like Pa**va and An****na are concerned about the safety of their students.

As Palmdoc said, DISGRACEFUL!!


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