Malaysian Night (1)

Boycotting Malaysian Night by Faizal Nor Halim

Suggested adjustments for Malaysian Night by Leokid


What do you think? More to come!!!


14 thoughts on “Malaysian Night (1)

  1. oh well, at least if all the lame ppl and their comrades dont go, i would have a better chance to get a good seat with my maksiat clothes and my maksiat hair. hahaha. funny ppl. i dont even know they existed.

  2. BAH! if ppl can be STRICTLY PUNCTUAL, then maybe it can be done but by being malaysians, punctuality simply doesnt exist in our daily life dictionary. oh btw dont forget that the males are soon to be extinct so yeah we have females more than male here so the probability of sitting next to a girl is kinda high. seriously, do guys are hornily stimulated to grope a girl when sitting next to one??? i guess we all are educated enuf to not do such thing in public.

  3. dear disisofuny!…

    i dont know what are u even doing here…just effing around.. talk ridiculously without any valid argument…

    please, just back off if you want to be a pest around here.

    its not so hard to talk rationally and sensibly you know..

  4. i am not effing around, buddy. you dont seem to realise many people think this whole things is so funny? and ridiculous? and by the way, if efenem would tell me to back off, i would. but u? hahaha….

  5. hello guys…….I’d really rare read d comments of ppl’s blogs but today I juz did…1st of all I wanna state that my comment is directed to the MUSLIMS ONLY.Actually,I think that all of these comments r not suitable with theIslamic practices….So ppl here,who’r muslims plz reconsider about ur every word typed in the comment…..We have our guidance, Al-Quran n Al-Sunnah…….dont juz think according to our logic thinkin’.our IQ……’s not so so so right……especially about touching btwn male n female(for non muslims,they wont understand unless they’d learn bout it) for muslims,they hv known it but may be still dont understand I guess……..yess we r educated,but in Al-Quran already stated about that.(Muslims should know what am I talkin’ about)….it’s not about getting stimulated bu gurls or boyz …….get excited or what so ever or not….it’s all about practicing n understand the Deen my dear friends……..

  6. practising religious teachings is all right and everything..but when you openly make such a ridiculing statement like this, it provokes arguments and makes people question..

  7. excuse me silver pig, “ridiculing”?

    our friend up there just wanna give some explanation concerning what we been jostling around for a quite smtime.
    we are here to talk about smthing that matters. so what wrong about giving statement.. he is trying to make everyone understand each other. nothing wrong about arguing it as long we get good results in return.

    and for my poor little friend disisofuny, actly i think efenem dont even care what u want to do here. u can keep be an eyesore all you want bcause you are here or not it ain’t make any difference.

    so..just suit yourself.. make urself comfortable here =)

  8. although this whole thing is for the Muslims, i think it really spoils our mood too for MN. i look forward for MN and i dont wanna go knowing there are some Muslims boycotting and asking other Muslims to do so too.

    as i recalled from the past MN, i think all the Muslim girls are veyr decent with baju kurung/baju kebaya and tudung. they is absolutely nothing obscene about them. and i watched all the performances and the performances by the Muslim students are decent enough.

  9. *accidentally pressed submit comment*

    cont – i think those who performed last time were very sporting and brave, and for the 1st years, it’s one of the ways to get to know each other.

    i guess MSA cant please everybody. but please consider what’s best for the majority.

  10. in my honest opinion, i think that this is a malaysian nite. in case anybody has forgotten, malaysians consist of non muslims, muslims, chinese, indians, malays, etc. MN is supposed to be a nice night where everyone is united and think about home. boycotting MN is the DUMBEST THING i have ever heard in my life. university life in NN is already SO DULL and we only have MN to look forward to once in a year!what i think is, faizal and kid if they think so lowly of our MN, think that it is so inappropriate, just dont pay the 200rubs and dont go for MN. is it that hard? dont spoil it for the rest of the msian community here. dont be selfish. i know you will say, hey you non muslim u dont know/understand what we are talking about(refer to his blog he repeated this 101 times) and fine i dont argue with that cos i am non muslim and i most probably dont know much about ur religion but HEY respect others like how you want to be respected. bottom line is, if u feel that MN is such a dirty piece of crap, do not go and just SHUT UP.

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