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I was quite surprised when someone spread the rumors that I am not helping Sathia at all. Well, maybe I didn’t because I have no license as a doctor to operate or something. I made some calls to the deanery, though. When he is with Suvin, he is in good hands. Suvin constantly updates me about putting pressure on hospital administration and insurance company.

Suvin is excused from our meetings about Malaysian Night since he should be taking good care of Sathia.

Sathia will be operated on this coming monday, 10 days after the fall accident. The insurance company is said to be covering the cost of platinum plate which will be inserted into his arm. The titanium plate costs 1000 euros. I do not know how much will the insurance company cover.

Say, if the insurance company does not cover the whole cost, I want to use the MSA money to cover some part of the cost of his surgery to ease some financial burden on his part. Of course we want the insurance company to cover it all.

The problem is – not everyone is paying a humble 200 rubles for MSA membership. They thought the 200 rubles is used only for Malaysian Night. There are many projects which can hopefully upgrade the Malaysian society in Nizhniy needing financial support from MSA. And MSA cannot get financial support if the students won’t pay.

And someone like Sathia should benefit from MSA too. Let’s pray for his speedy recovery.


Fatwa on yoga


I am very surprised that National Fatwa Council (NFC) finally came to ban yoga. The reason being that although yoga, without the chanting and worshipping, is fine in the eyes of Islam, “doing one would lead to another”. Thus it is discouraged (I am still confused whether the NFC bans or discourages yoga).

I am surprised still. Here’s why:

  1. [Unnecessary sarcasm for NFC deleted]
  2. Fatwa is only for Muslims. I can agree on that. But when an edict (fatwa) is established that Muslims can’t do this but the non-Muslims can, won’t that further segregate/alienate the Muslims from the non-Muslims? I am not saying that Muslims should eat pork and drink alcohol to be good with the non-Muslim friends, but banning (or discouraging) a relaxing activity like yoga would have a spillover effect to the non-Muslims. Very few practice yoga in this world, but when a Muslim does yoga with his non-Muslim friends and suddenly NFC decided yoga is haram, won’t that be a strain to their social lives?
  3. Performing prayers five times daily is also a good form of exercise, as NFC said. But we still see people praying five times daily not cured from asthma, hypertension, diabetes etc. Prayers are prayers and they are obligatory (fardhu/wajib) in Islam whether the prayers make us healthy or not. NFC should be wiser when making such statements.

Seriously NFC needs some reform! I am not against Islam, I am just against NFC making big mistakes. If yoga is haram because it can lead to erosion of one’s faith, then everything also can be haram because one thing might lead to another. NFC should be better than this!


Boycotting Malaysian Night


Malaysian Night (MN), as I perceive, is the night of celebration of our uniqueness, where we work together as Malaysians to make this night a success. The plan of MN this year is some performances in the hall and some exhibitions in the 3rd hostel.

I know the hall is small. Some people won’t go because the hall is small. That’s why we make exhibitions too. And these exhibitions should be just as good as the performances (hopefully).

But some people won’t go because Malaysian Night is haraam. The performances are secular and deviate from the true teaching of Islam. MN is maksiat because people dress inappropriately to the party with excessive make-ups and dyeing hair like dogs. MN is maksiat because there is mixing between male and female. MN is maksiat blabla…


Well, maybe one should remember that not going to lectures/practical classes is haraam…

Cheating during tests/exams is haraam…

Excessive entertainments (anime/drama series/movies/DOTA) is haraam…


But I don’t see anyone giving any thoughts on that…

A couple hours of performances would not make MN excessive in entertaining (hiburan melampau). If mixing male and female is haraam, wouldn’t that make open houses and jamuan raya haraam as well? We don’t hear people boycotting open houses tho…

Tak tutup aurat? So tak tutup aurat going to class, is class haram? Tak tutup aurat going to open houses, are open houses haram? Tak tutup aurat when cooking dinner, is cooking dinner haram? Tak tutup aurat during shopping, is shopping haram?

There are many performances that are secular. The movies or series or animes you watch are secular. You don’t seem to want to boycott them. You selectively boycott MN because MN is performing right before your eyes! You selectively boycott MN because you can gain blog popularity! Instead of making people understand Islam, you want to make people understand you!


I respect people’s opinion. I do. But it becomes a problem when they disrespect other people’s opinion, boycotting MN and influencing the others to boycott MN too. It is hard to understand them loudmouths chanting haram haram when they have very little knowledge of Islam and even getting the basics wrong!

It is hard to understand why MN is haram when they cannot establish properly why it is haram. It gets a lot harder when they are emotional. When asked, the answer is – fikir sendirila~

This is a ploy to destroy unity of Malaysians, a ploy to further segregate Muslims from non-Muslims (as if NFC hadn’t done enough). Using Islam as the cover will surely give Muslim like me a bad name. Let us stand united to abolish such elements that can disunite our society!


P/S: To those with ideas and suggestions to make MN better, we welcome them and we shall see what we can do. If you can’t come to the performances, please come to the exhibitions. The cost for MN hall deco is estimated just 1/3 from the past year’s. A nasheed group applied for audition and we’d like to see more Malay songs/dances.


48 thoughts on “Snippets – Malaysian Night (2)

  1. Go go Mr. President!
    Excellent explanation!
    At least these people will now understand that they too dwell in haram all the time, not just during Malaysian Night…
    These people play selective discrimination…
    They are racist bigots who didn’t contribute anything to malaysian society except boycott and boycott…
    These people only bajet bagus…
    These people are a threat to our society…

    Support Malaysian Night!

  2. do understand, yang mencegah kemungkaran yang dilakukan secara terang-terangan dan beramai-ramai itu lebih wajib dan tinggi tanggungjawabnya dari mencegah kemungkaran-kemungkaran yang dilakukan secara tersembunyi dan sendiri-sendiri?

    As for my opinion, I don’t really want to boycott, nor suggesting others to boycott it. I have stated my opinions, the reasons of why I’m not going.

    If other people read my opinions and accept it, then it’s their decision whether to go or not. If they go, they should understand the consequences. If they don’t go, it will bring no benefit to me either. So why am I risking myself getting bashed etc, while at the other end of the tunnel, there’s no benefit to me at all? It’s simply because it is my duty, responsibility as a Muslim.

    Tujuan saya adalah menyampaikan kefahaman mengapa ini tidak boleh, itu tidak boleh. MN pada dasarnya memang dibolehkan, dan telah saya nyatakan apa pendapat saya yang menyebabkan ia tidak dibolehkan.

    Kalau ada Muslim yang nak pergi, saya harap mereka pergi dengan kefahaman. Kefahaman di atas apa yang boleh, apa yang tidak boleh. Kerana jika mereka faham, maka mereka sedar dan jelas yang mereka akan dipertanggungjawabkan ke atas apa yang mereka fahami itu.

    I know you are a man with great understanding about Islam, and actually, I respect you for it. Well then, i’ve tried my best fulfilling my duty and responsibility as a fellow Muslim, and i’m sure u’ll do your best too. All the best! =)

  3. some extremists just think they understand their religion 100%, leaving no room for arguments and opinions from those who might not fully comprehend the situation when it comes to applying the facts and teachings of faith.
    extreme..that’s what i would call it..coz the tiny things are ignored, like skipping lectures and tak tegur those around them who are probably conducting daily acts that might be HARAM. e.g. smoking for instance? muslims m+f sleeping together? tak pakai tudung? tak SOLAT 5 waktu??
    if HARAM is the issue here, then being excessive in doing things would be haram too,like u said. and if girls and boys sitting or doing activities together = haram, so then our groups are also = haram?
    the attack on MN seems very personal..not trying to really put forward the essence of Islam.instead, it’s more like a few years of bottling up has finally come to the point where the bottle is going to explode, just in time to bombard MN.
    cuba tegur org yg smoking. reason? “sendiri pikir la”
    kalau taktau, ask me.haha
    well..i guess the argument about islam still stands but this is MALAYSIAN NIGHT, and despite ISLAM being the agama rasmi, has it ever occur to this MN boycotter that the situation in Malaysia is worse than our small annual MN to try and bring Malaysians together. even then, still ade orang wana boycott MN.. *sigh*

  4. sathia:

    yeah i did hear the rumours. BODOH giler! diz ppl who spread this rumour really know NOTHING. i was with msa for quite a long time n i’ve heard enuf complains saying msa dont do this la, dont do that la, dont help ppl la and all other bs. the thing is, these ppl just heard what others said n didnt even ask the msa members themselves to confirm the fact. what do u expect msa to do in sathia’s case? FORCING the surgeon to operate on sathia no matter what when he himself got prob with the insurance? babysit sathia n suap makan him 24/7? or what? from what i see, i think msa members have done a great job in handling this matters so if u know nothing n only listened to moron ppl chitchatting, just shut the hell up ok!


    again, BODOH giler! seriously we are indeed coming near to judgement day when the not-so-smarts are leading a religious body. these ppl really never tried yoga b4 to come up with this kind of pengharaman. maybe we should give them a yoga lesson free of charge then they might be interested to try it b4 making any fatwa. i tried yoga b4 heck my rumates even have 2 yoga CDs . but there were no chantings, or summoning-acts or anything deviating from islam teaching. even the instructor speaks pure english with NO unknown other weird languages. so i dont see why wud yoga be considered as haram. oh if ppl say im saying this based solely on the yoga CD that we have, the answer is NO.. i’ve seen more.. be it on TV or real life. and there were not much difference from each other.

    200 rub fees:

    again (again), BODOH giler! every year sure got same problem one.. some ppl are too reluctant to pay the annual fees and diz year is 200rub. what? u guys think the money solely for msian nite aka maksiat nite (n by paying 200rub means these ppl are supporting/sponsoring a maksiat event)? then the answer in NO. even if part of the money is allocated for msian nite, n if u do not wanna be part of msian nite, does it give u the right to not pay 200 ruble? NO. well im no longer a msa committee so i dont really have the rights to speak on behalf of msa or whosoever but i was in the previous THREE msa committee so i get the rhythm. even by paying a small amount of money, it will help a lot (like the saying’sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit’). have u guys forgotten what darren said in our last AGM (oh well maybe u didnt even bother to go) about what msa is planning to do with the money? n even by paying a humple 200rub might help Sathia a bit like what faiz said. well of coz not all 200rub goes to sathia.. nnt lagi la org berapi pulak kn? n also in case of sport zal in which the players have to pay like 10 000 rub (correct me if im wrong.. but really the price is with many 0s) to book the zal which will be paid by our msa. some non-players (like me!) who didnt go or never been to sportzal might object to this payment. but PLEASE la have some heart… with the small amount of money u paid, it means a lot to others who need it. so yeah, with no/liitle money, nothing can be achieved (n again ppl will say msa didnt contribute anything when in the first place u are the one not contributing!)

    boycotting malaysian nite:

    again (again, again) not-so-pandai giler! oh well i went to malaysian nite every single year. never missed one. then suddenly got diz one blog condemning msian nite and asking the muslims to boycott it. how dare u? the blogger himself indirectly insulting me and my rumates and also some other muslims/muslimahs by saying that we ber-maksiat in every msian nite since it is a maksiat event of maksiat nite. how dare u? come say that directly in my face i’ll slap u back in ur face with my barehand! 🙂 i guess faiz have countered his statement quite well so yeah i wont make diz one long. even playing dota and staying up all nite long is haram coz its excessive entertainment but why its not a sin to u? (im not directing to the blogger himself but to others as well who match the above-mentioned criteria)

  5. Leokid: Thank you. Your post with suggested adjustments is actually very good, as I find out. I also understand that mencegah kemungkaran, big or small, ramai or tak ramai, is wajib.

    But I also want to prioritize. I’d like to destroy any elements that might disunite society over tak tutup aurat or mixing males and females. That also is mencegah kemungkaran, dont you think?

    It is really fine actually if anyone wanna say MN is bad blabla because many people say that already. In fact, I shall respect that. But to call for its boycott? Well, that leaves me no choice – it’s us vs them.

    Making kefahaman is the best way to make people understand this is good or this is bad. Well done! I shall see to the suggested adjustments.

    As I said, performance is just a part of Malaysian Night. If you dont wanna go to the short performances, you can take food and enjoy the exhibitions.

  6. regarding Sathia, maybe MSA can collect some donations to help him ease his burden. many of us sincerely feel for him and would help more than just 200 roubles. i hope Faiz can work that out somehow.

  7. I don’t mind donating for Sathia, but what will the “other” think??? I know its a good idea, but some people can’t even pay for the MSA fees and now expecting them to donate for Sathia?… And by da way…. no one came to collect money from us, the 4th year yet… so are we included is the “non-paying” list??? And i didn’t know that there are such rumors about Mr.President and Sathia… Well 1 thing for sure, those who spread it really have something against you…

    “Well, maybe one should remember that not going to lectures/practical classes is haraam…
    Cheating during tests/exams is haraam…
    Excessive entertainments (anime/drama series/movies/DOTA) are haraam…”

    That is so damn true… You’re my hero man… Some people just can’t stop complaining about others mistakes but won’t acknowledge their own mistakes…

  8. hohooho…
    eversince MN become hot topic in blogs..
    i think i want to say something..
    yes, i know some of the performances are against Islam rules..
    but, it was the past and in fact i did participated in it (dang!)
    of course, i understand what peja n kid wanted to convey..
    so, what about make some changes about it and as if there is some that is not to be followed if they did not want to come to MN it is up to them… 🙂

  9. Gossshhhhh…
    Neva thought that there are ppl who actually wana boycott MN…
    This is sad…
    Since many of us are already in our final year, and, personally, i was hoping to have a memorable last NNSMA MN…
    Pls dont steal away MN..

  10. By Nur Dianah Suhaimi, Singapore Straits Times

    A MUSLIM cleric in Malaysia has called on Muslims to

    stop doing yoga exercises, but some religious experts
    in Singapore do not share that sentiment.

    They are largely of the opinion that yoga
    is harmless as long as its spiritual aspects
    are not practised.

    Professor Zakaria Stapa, a lecturer at University
    Kebangsaan Malaysia’s faculty of Islamic studies,
    said recently that yoga is based on Hindu elements
    and could affect the faith of Muslims practising it.

    That sparked a nationwide debate and the Malaysian
    National Fatwa Council may issue a fatwa, or decree,
    on yoga soon.

    The country seems to be alone in its concern.

    Yoga centres are flourishing in more orthodox
    Muslim countriessuch as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

    In Iran, yoga is so popular that there are classes for children.

    In Singapore, Mr Mohammad Yusri Yubhi Md Yusoff, 33,
    executive imam of Al-Falah mosque, said:
    ‘Yoga may have its roots in Hinduism.
    But if you take away the meditation and other spiritual aspects,
    it becomes just another form of exercise.’

    Veteran religious expert Pasuni Maulan, 64, agreed. The former
    registrar of Muslim marriages said spiritual elements
    in exercises are not exclusive to yoga. Silat,
    which has its roots in Malay culture, can
    sometimes involve hailing spirits, a practice not allowed in Islam.

    ‘Those who are not sure about what is allowed may want to
    do other exercises,’ he suggested.

    As a rule of thumb, avoid the spiritual forms of exercises and embrace
    only the physical aspects, said religious teacher and counsellor Abdul
    Manaf Rahmat, 50.

    Teacher Hafiza Yahya, 26, who studied yoga through books five years ago,
    has been doing just that.

    ‘In classes, instructors may ask you to say Hindu incantations. I simply did
    the exercises without all that,’ said the mother of two, who shed more than
    30kg through yoga after each pregnancy. She now weighs a trim 46kg

  11. Seriously, i don’t understand why non-muslims want to have a word about this MN thingy, when it’s cleared that this issue brought by us only directed to muslims?

    I’m sorry, for non-muslims, but there are certain things in Islam that you don’t understand now. I am willing to try explaining so that you would understand, but it is effortless meaningless when you yourself don’t want to understand it.

    Some even saying that this thing is funny and ridiculous to them. Now tell me, doesnt this seems insulting to our religion? This issue is regarding our religion, and you openly stated that this is funny? Isn’t that just disrespectful?

    My friend did one mistake – he forget to include his manner while writing a post. He’s a new blogger, i can understand that. And after the harsh criticism to him, he has already scrubbed off all the bad words he wrote, and even publicly apologizes in his latest post.

    Now tell me, don’t those who harsh on him previously, owe him an apology too?

    Seriously, if all of you want to work on UNITY among Nizhnian (by this MN thingy, for example), i believe we should have to work on our understanding and respect towards our differences first.

  12. work on our understanding and respect our differences?? blindly categorizing ALL the muslims who attend MN as bermaksiat is UNDERSTANDING and BEING FAIR??
    which part of the planet are you from?? on this path of medicine, you’ll be touching people : male and which case you will be commiting sins your entire medical career ??

    “I am willing to try explaining so that you would understand, but it is effortless meaningless when you yourself don’t want to understand it.”

    a case of the blind leading the blind. you dont want people to understand – you just want them to accept your p.o.v

    “This issue is regarding our religion, and you openly stated that this is funny? Isn’t that just disrespectful?”

    you insult the entire muslim population here by openly stating that MN is malam maksiat, thus implying that everyone who attends it commits maksiat – isnt that just disrespectful??

    don’t you owe them all an appology??


  13. hello guys…….I’d really rare read d comments of ppl’s blogs but today I juz did…1st of all I wanna state that my comment is directed to the MUSLIMS ONLY.Actually,I think that most of these comments r not suitable with the Islamic practices….So ppl here,who’r muslims plz reconsider about ur every word typed in the comment…..We have our guidance, Al-Quran n Al-Sunnah…….dont juz think according to our logic thinkin’.our IQ…Our logic thinkin’ is nothin’ comparin’ to the Allah’s knowledges….I’m not suggestin’ ppl to boycote MN but it’s nicer to say that avoid sumthin’ which can lead to maksiat…I wont boycote MN if there’ll we some changes in the plannin’…especially about touching btwn male n female(for non muslims,they wont understand unless they’d learn bout it) for muslims,they hv known it but may be still dont understand I guess……..yess we r educated,but in Al-Quran already stated about that.(Muslims should know what am I talkin’ about)….it’s not about getting stimulated by gurls or boyz …….get excited or what so ever or not….it’s all about practicing n understand the Deen my dear friends……..the rules,the law of Islam is created by THE ALMIGHTY ALLAH…….not us…I’m not defendin’ anybody or individual or company or etc but here I seriously defendin’ my DEEN,our DEEN…..Faiz U cant compare bout going to lecture or not is haram with going to MN…’s too too too diff things..1st of all using our IQ:what do we do during lecture?r we dressin’ like goin’ to MN?r we?r we listenin’ to new knowledge?r we learnin’ sumthin’ good?could we use that knowledge for Islam?what is the stand of Islam for learnin’ or cognitive process???……..then compare with MN…r we dressin’ like we r goin to lecture?r we coming with sum1 special??what kinda performance we’d watch?is it cultural performance for non Malaysians?could we make sure there’s no touchin’ btwn boys n girls(muslim n muslimat)?is there enough light in there?…….Islam teaches n preaches us every single thing in a very detailed pattern… my dear friends,I’m not askin’ U to boycote but plz think b4 typin’ comments.think bout ourself 1st…..I confessed,I’d never miss MN b4….but a brother of our ummah is tellin’ me the truth….so I’d admit it.wrong is wrong.sins is sins…..Why cant we had some changes or improvement to MN??come on Muslims…….do we practise what Islam preach??plz remember about AL-Quran n As-Sunnah.plzz…….plz……….so my dear frenzz plz consider ur comments n judgements…dun juz simply type them bcoz it’s kinda insultin’ Islam ur own religion….It’s a sin-commit action.

    for non-muslims: it’s hard to explain every single thing to U,bcoz not every single thing can be explained by our logic thinkin'(IQ)……even me,if ppl from other religions tellin’ me sumthin’ bout their religion.I might b not undrstnd….so plz ask if U wanna know sumthin’ n avoid from attackin’ any individual if U dont reallt’s so so so so not right.

  14. @ Silver Pig.

    First and foremost, assuming you are a non-muslim, may I ask what do you understand about the word “maksiat”.

    Do you really know what that means? Under which condition, should an action is called a “maksiat”? What criteria, as given in Islam, should an event is called as an event of maksiat?

    I suggest you don’t comment about something you don’t know very well. It’ll just show that how lack of intellect you are.

    I have already written in my latest post, of why I consider Muslims should not go to MN. You too, are invited to read it, as I’ve tried my best to convey the understanding in the simplest way.

    About the touching between patient/doctors with different gender, someone has asked about this matter in Faizal’s post. And Faizal has already answered his inquiry politely.

    And yes, that someone has a better manner of asking a question, compared to you. If you really want to know the answer to that question, you can see the answer there.

    Regarding apologies, Faizal has already publicly apologize in his latest post.

    I am growing up here. Assuming you are older than me, judging by the way you give out comments, now I’m scared of growing up cause I might turn into someone like u.

  15. I didn’t compare MN to lecture tho. I was just saying not going to lecture is haram and very serious problem, but most people just dont give a damn about this. As if MN is going to destroy the Muslim med students and absence from lectures is not.

    The selective haram-ness is what irks me.

  16. ok faiz,U’r talkin about haramness but ppl r tryin’ to say that we r goin’ to do ‘maksiat’….it’s two diff things in my humble opinion…..utk se,ua org yg mmbace komen2 di ats,kita di sini bkn utk bergaduh..kita nk cari jln penyelesaian dgn cara yg betul dan tidak menghina mana2 isu agama……..

  17. LEOKID: YOU are worse than silverpig! you disrespected all other races. YOU are the one ppl should be afraid of growing to. YOU and people like you are the ones that disgraces us, the Malaysian people overseas; carrying your stuck-up attitude wherever you go, even though YOU FAIL to understand the meaning of the Malaysian race.
    bashing silverpig with ingrish rhetoric, possibly because his name is haram to you.
    I pity you.

    sleepy now. to be continued.

  18. Wow, a lot of personal attacks. I took that open-heartedly. Could you please tell us, your concept of “The meaning of Malaysian Race”.

    To SilverPig, your name/pseudonym has nothing to do with me. It’s the name of your choice, and i respect it. i’m sorry if my reply is too emotional or harsh on you. I’ve tried my best to convey my message as gently as possible, so pardon me if i failed to do so.

    I admit that my English is no good.

  19. Assalamualaikum wrt.

    tolonglah faiz najmi…
    there are smarter people than you are when it comes to religious fatwas…
    u stick with your medicine…
    tugas dan peranan kita dengan Islam ialah menyebarkan dakwah, beramal makruf nahi munkar, bukannya menganggap diri lebih pandai dan orang lain bodoh dan mempersoalkan perkara2 yang orang lain belajar dalam pengajian ilmu hukum hakam syariah bertahun2 lamanya…

  20. 1. Sathia
    – heard the rumour and i think i know pretty well who started it. :p while i did not play a role in spreading it, i didn’t do anything to supress it either so…sorry!~

    2. Fatwa on Yoga
    – stupidest thing EVER!!!!
    – i stopped yoga after high school but since i heard of this ridiculous BAN, i am so going to start again, just for spite..haha
    – malaysian islamic council or whtever they call themselves r starting to become ridiculous…come on, yoga? YOGA?? seriously..

    3. Boycotting M’sian Nite
    – tak boycott but tak nak pg..
    – tak bayar lg sbb tengah bankrupt
    – ps : MSA tak nak terime borang MSA Registration yg tak ade gambar ke? Justin bg balik kat sy n suruh letak gambar. sy takde gambar skarang n as the above point, m bankrupt so takleh amik gambar baru so jgn la mare ye, MSA commitee.

  21. the nick was not meant to be an insult..its purely coincidental and i have been going by it for are absolutely right kid, i am a non-muslim..and by all means, i have asked my frens about this even before i typed out my initial totally missed my point, by about a mile..
    probably the word maksiat can be used in your context, but the way i interpret it as i have been taught for years in a malay medium school, simply put in one english word = adultery..
    what i perceive as an insult is one person categorizing everyone as performing the act of maksiat..doesnt maksiat have to have the ‘intent’, if you get wat i mean?? for an outsider not from nizhny, who hasnt been to any MN here like the juniors, it gives such a wrong impression – as if this is some cheap joint people go to get a the next time when you have a gf, dun tell me you’ll NEVER touch her hand or bring her out or smthing like that?? wud you be considered as bermaksiat then??
    and about the touching-touching part – it is something unavoidable..on the bus, in public places..if there is no wrong intention in the 1st place, can it still be perceived as maksiat?? for example in classes with your groupmates, on the bus when you are passing the money, practising for MN ??
    i agree that according to your religion, it is wrong and i fully understand that..which is why i do not question your suggestion of segregating males and females or filtering the perfomances to suit your beliefs..
    and about this being for muslims only, please lar..we both know that ‘dyeing hair’ and ‘dressing inappropriately’ was not solely refering to the muslims only..
    like i said, you just want people to accept your p.o.v becos thats the way it is..there’s no room for any intellectual talk here becos there’s no willingness or open-mindedness that is required to discuss this issue..instead of sitting by the sidelines and passing comments, probably next year you could make a change in MN by assuming responsiblity..
    and i think i have enuff intellect to get by, thank you..

  22. to silver pig
    ”so the next time when you have a gf, dun tell me you’ll NEVER touch her hand or bring her out or smthing like that??”

    —>yup..mmg tak boleh pegang2 antara laki dan perempuan yang bukan mahram (esp bf-gf ni)..itu hukum dalam agama Islam..cume dalam keadaan tertentu shj laki dan perempuan yang bukan mahram boleh bersentuhan…

  23. whoaooaaa…hey guys! xpayahlah nk bergaduh pasal benda nie..1st of all , these are all individual opinions..right , faiz? right , leokid? and yg kat tepi2 tu jgnla tambah semarakkan api dlm diri org lain pulak…u just put d oil onto d flame… i x support sesiapa..just semua org ada pendirian masing2 and hv d right to express it..for all d muslims , since kita semua mmg ada basics dlm islam => amar makruf nahi munkar.. so stick to this path…for non-muslims , it’s difficult to explain it 1 by 1 what’s d meaning of this…”maksiat” is not adultery..but “zina” is adultery..i dunno whether u guys pernh dgr this word or not..but for muslims , sure u hv…maksiat is everyth that cn lead to adultery..i bet u know..if u dun understand , ask jamzuri or husni..okay , i cant deny during d MN , memang all these things’s just coincidence..duduk sebelah laki pompuan etc..menjerit memekak ke apa ke…couple things are another different things..bukan semua yg pergi ke sana adalah couple…yg lain2 kami nie pergi just bcoz of nk cri lil entertainment ( trapped in d room sgt la bosan ) x dinafikan betul kid kata hiburan tu mestilah bersederhana.. maybe our hall is just too small… okay let’s say xblh carry out this “divider” betw male n female..r u guys willing to pay more to rent bigger hall?..actually , frm my sincere opinion , it’s nt bout msian’s bout attitude n behavior..kalau outside , manusia dh memang social n jahil etc..wherever u go u will still behave like that…so basically actually manusia tu sendiri yg kita patut ubah..coz penyakit tu dtg dari hati..this is for muslims ya…MN is just part of it that occurs once every year… it’s not just bout coupling.. tp kalau kita observe org kat nizhny novgorod nie suka bercerita psl org lain..kalau nk ambil iktibar , bercerita sekadar bergosip , mengumpat..then , create fitnah ..itu pun haram.. “sesungguhnya fitnah itu lebih teruk daripada membunuh”…sebarkan keaiban org lain .. kemurkaan Allah tu lebih back to d story =) , akhlak manusia yg perlu diperbaiki terlebih dahulu , MN – d events r just nth…but we make it different.. plus , kalau nk berdahwah n bertarbiyah , cara nya mesti meliputi semua aspek n blh diterima oleh semua..biar semua org phm , guna bhs yg simple n sopan..sbb dlm community kita nie ada yg jahil dan ada yg berilmu ( refers to religious knowledge ) n jgn sampai menimbulkan kemarahan.. wassalam..sorry for d long comment..hehe

  24. I did hear that there are some juniors that are afraid to come to MN due to this matter. We are not supposed to scare the juniors right? They just arrived here, trying to adjust to new environment and people, have fun maybe at MN but then they hear about all these. And as far as I know, MN was not such a big issue before. Why now?? I think it’s good that Faiz tried to listen to Leokid who suggested few adjustment in his blog. This MN issue really breaking the Unity of our community that is quite small if you guys haven’t notice. For the Muslims, i think they know well about the touching between boy-girl non muhrim, about tidak tutup aurat, maksiat semua. And they get the message that our friend tried to say. Let’s hope that MN this year will be something different but yet acceptable for all religions and races and we can still have a blast out of it. Right? Common la, we’re Malaysian what.. =P

  25. @silverpig

    Em, sorry I misunderstood your point earlier.

    First, about the “maksiat” term. This is difficult to explain, since even not all muslims understand what maksiat means.

    Your interpretation of maksiat as Adultery, is correct. But it is only half correct. Maksiat bukan setakat adultery sahaja.

    Adultery is a subset of maksiat. The term maksiat itself has a wide context. Maksiat, or also known as kemungkaran, means that something which is not parallel as what have been instructed by God.

    Adultery, definitely is something against what has been instructed by God.

    So is mixing between male/female intentionally. Or exposing the aurat. Yes, by definition, I am stating that those who expose their aurat, is also a “pelaku maksiat”. The word “maksiat” itself should be understood first, before anyone feel insulted by it. You can see in my blog, of some things in MN that are not parallel with what God has instructed, thus making it a maksiat event.

    Secondly, your inquiry about intention (niat). I’m not the best person to explain this, but I’ll try my best.

    In Islam, there are 2 main criterias which will is used to judge our action, whether is permissible or not. The first one, as you have mention, the intention (niat).

    However, the second one, is the method/way/action itself.

    Although the intention is pure, if the method is unparallel with what God has stated, it will be wrong too. The classical example in this, is the action of Robin Hood, robbing the rich to help the poor. This is not permissible in Islam.

    One might have the right intention to go to MN. Just to ease their mind, relax after studying etc. But, if by doing so, he/she may commit something unparallel with what God has instructed, then it is not permissible.

    About being in classes or in the public transportation, Islam is not too rigid, it has it’s flexibility too. Mixing between male/female in a class is permissible, but with some limitations such as no touching, no exposing aurat. And also if there is no other way avoiding this, or the act of avoiding itself will bring much bigger problem.

    Same as with the public transportation. If there is no other method, or by using the other method itself will bring much bigger problem, then it is permissible. Also, with limitations – one should minimize contact, etc.

    Em, about the “for Muslim reading only”. I know, “dyeing hair” or “dressing” is applicable to all. That’s why, we put the “for Muslim Only” remark, to differentiate between muslims and non-muslims.

    Why the need to differentiate between those two? Because, in Islam, “dyeing hair” is considered as not-permissible (according to some scholars opinion). “Dressing inappropriately”, also is not permissible in Islam. I don’t know about other religion, but I think that such actions are permissible (correct me if i’m wrong)

    And last, may I correct you a bit. What I wrote in my blog (reasons why muslims should not go to MN), is not simply a point of view. It is not my personal opinion, my personal view or anything. It is the rule in Islam. It is the guideline, as stated in Islam. All who call themselves Muslim, should understand and try their best obeying what God has instructed.

    Like I said in my post – “Syarat-syarat ini bukan saya, bukan Muhammad, bukan sesiapa yang tetapkan, sebaliknya syarat-syarat ini adalah ketetapan yang ada di dalam agama Islam.”

    And of course, the conditions applies to Muslims only. Well, if Muslim don’t want to follow the conditions, i’m sorry to say that the particular Muslim has disobey his/her God. Is he/she sinful or not? I let God decides that.

    I’m sorry if my explanation is too lengthy or difficult to be understood by you. I’m not a pious person, nor I have the answer to every questions. And yes, you exhibit your intellectual better this time, and I respect that for you. =) Sorry for saying previously that u’re lack of intellectual, my bad.

  26. Pada rakan-rakan muslim sekalian. Apa yang ditulis oleh Faizal itu benar. Saya setuju apa yang cuba disampaikan. Amar makruf nahi mungkar. Tetapi gaya penulisannya sangatlah dipersoalkan kerana saya rasakan niatnya adalah untuk berdakwah bukan untuk meyakiti hati sesiapa. Mungkin ini beza antara orang yang bergelar ustaz (contohnya Ustaz Hasrizal, Ustaz Asri etc) yang benar-benar berdakwah menyebarkan Islam dengan cara berhikmah dan Faizal (berhikmah atau tidak berhikmah???ntohle. Tepuk dada tanya iman). Berdakwah dengan cara berhikmah itukan lebih baik dari berdakwah secara emosi. Nampaknya sekarang, pesanan dakwah itu sudah disalah-tafsir. Diharapkan semua dapat mengambil teladan daripada episod kali ini.

    Kepada rakan-rakan sekalian (muslim dan non-muslim), saya ingin menjemput anda semua ke laman blog ini.

    Sama-sama kita baca dan hayati pesanan yang ingin disampaikan.

  27. I don’t think anybody is particularly right or wrong in this matter. Some people have different ideologies and some are more keen to keep to their religious beliefs. It’s not a wrong thing. In this world full of secularity and deviations from original teachings of many religions, there is bound to be many conflicts in determining what is right and what is wrong. We face personal conflicts ourselves trying to determine what is right and wrong as per our religion/beliefs, what more with others!

    But really, when giving opinions involving many people and about public events, we should do it with candor and most importantly, COURTESY and respect. For all, regardless !

    Nobody is forcing anybody to attend the MN. And it’s not right to call for a boycott and impose your stance on others. People should have a freedom of choice, and even when thrown in a place full of sinners and sinful activity, that does not make one the spawn of Satan.

    Just a little thought. I got bashed enough already as an unwelcomed guest at Faizal’s blog. Ha ha. 🙂

  28. i think in this problem, ya’l shud advice in a good way not by insulting them. those harsh words and emotional comments can lead to a bigger problem.

    its enough by advising or giving opinion. the rest, it is own decision.

    we all are grown-up people. acting like one guys. we can think, and choose which is good and wrong. we know how to differentiate sinful act or not. so let them be what they want.
    they read, learn, hear and understand what ya’l trying to say. so just leave the choice to them.

    calling someone’s hair looks like a dog, people menyundal, blablabla… bad words, hurting people..i think that makes u the most sinful one already.enough..

  29. i suppose this matter was brought forward with the purest intentions..and i think that all of us understand the importance of it..just thought that it could have been said in a nicer way which enables everyone to start thinking and not to provoke or make them defensive..
    sorry if i had been harsh..have a good day..

  30. Updates from efenem:

    1. Dr. Asri kurang selesa dengan Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan. Now its mufti vs mufti – thank God for someone like him to check and balance the mufti institution! Instead of big hoo-haa with yoga, why not investigate silat? I heard there’s some suspected syirik elements there – should investigate that too!

    2. Malaysian Night issue – tone down and we’ll find a way to work it out. Entertainment is harus in Islam (meaning: okay). So anything that is related to entertainment is also harus. The practice is harus, the performance is harus, the dancing and singing are harus, the production and reproduction are harus, watching it is harus, getting paid for it is harus. We shall elaborate more on how this applies to Malaysian Night (is it halal or is it haram?) if needed. But please TONE IT DOWN!

    3. Sathia is operated and so far OK.

  31. One thing aku rasa very important, untuk sesiapa yang nak beri pandangan dalam isu agama, make sure berhati hati sikit dan kalau boleh setiap pandangan korang ada sandaran daripada alquran ataupun alsunnah. Jgn gunakan logic akal serta emosi semata mata. Aku takut korang akan tergolong dalam golongan ruwaibidoh yang telah disebut dalam hadith rasulullah s.a.w. . Sama sama lah kita saling mengingat antara satu sama lain supaya kita tidak melampaui batas. Di sini aku hanya mahu berpesan.
    Sabda baginda: “Sesungguhnya sebelum kedatangan dajjal-dalam riwayat yang lain: sebelum kiamat- adanya tahun-tahun yang penuh tipu daya. Ketika itu didustakan orang yang benar, dianggap benar orang yang dusta, dianggap khianat orang yang amanah, dianggap amanah orang yang khianat, dan bercakap ketika itu al-Ruwaibidoh. Para sahabat bertanya: “Siapakah al-Ruwaibidoh?” Sabda Nabi s.a.w.: Orang lekeh yang berbicara mengenai urusan awam (orang ramai).”
    Hadith ini diriwayatkan oleh al-Imam Ahmad, Abu Ya’la, al-Bazzar, Ibnu Majah, al-Kharaiti, dan al-Hakim. Al-Hakim menyatakan isnadnya sahih.dan ini disetujui oleh Al-Zahabi. Demikian juga Ibn Hajar al-`Asqalani menyebut di dalam Fath al-Bari :sanadnya baik. Al-Albani di dalam Silsilah al-Ahadith al-Sahihah juga menyatakan ianya sahih.

    Link to ruwaibidoh :

  32. the reason why our country is in a mess is because, gosh look at the citizens. even though we are the people of one country, we blast each other as non muslims, muslims bla bla bla. totally no unity. dont say we non muslims dont understand u guys. the thing is the way that faizal presented his great idea was very insulting to many people, muslims or non muslims!kid said, faizal is a new blogger and doesnt know how to present himself and he has already apologized on his blog. sorry to say but the apology is nothing to most people and well, thanks to u two, kid and faizal, MN will be celebrated with a sad tone. plus the first years dont wanna go cos they think they might offend their supposedly wiser seniors. poor them really. they came here expecting an awesome university life but instead they are pushed into all sorts of crap (Eg boycott MN lah…dont go clubbing lah…bla bla bla). its sad really…well congrats kid and faizal. u guys did it. u guys spoilt MN. so, shut up already.

  33. wooot!!aku ade idea bes – drp korg duk taip2 dlm blog ni ape kate korg yg rase sungguh bes nk bg pendapat2 nih buat meeting sendirik…..cakap dlm blog bukan la byk leh sampaikn -.-..spam boleh la../ si A sampai Z pegi le meeting drp duk taip panjang cmni….pasni agak nye ade org fire aku..bzzztt~!!

  34. SHEESH said it just so beautifully! i dont know if this Kid and faizal will succeed in calling ppl to boycott MN, but they sure succeed in making everybody to hate them! applause!!!

  35. If telling the truth and doing what God asking me to do will make everybody hate me..well..hmm..

    I think I can live with that. =)

    Even I don’t think whether will succeed or not, because success is not what I’m looking for.

    Thanx dumbndumber, u make me realize that I misunderstand a lot of things, except that I don’t know which things. I’ve been trying to understand, though.

    Ok, I guess I’m done here. Thanks for entertaining this issue, it’s really helpful because it makes more Muslim to think about it. So don’t worry guys, MN will be cheerful or not, it really depends on those who will be going. And since i’m not going, so it won’t matter at all. 🙂

    Thank you for all. Should you have any more questions, please direct it to my blog. I really think I’ve disturbed efenem too much now. sorry!

  36. korg ni bodoh ke buta?cuba baca balik petikan paper utusan ni:
    PUTRAJAYA 22 Nov. – Amalan senaman yoga secara sistematik iaitu membabitkan gerakan fizikal, bacaan mentera dan matlamat penyatuan diri dengan tuhan bertentangan dengan syariat Islam.

    Oleh itu Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan hari ini mengharamkan umat Islam mengamalkan yoga secara sistematik itu kerana dibimbangi akan menghakis akidah umat Islam jika pengamalnya meneruskan amalan itu ke peringkat lebih tinggi.

    Pengerusinya, Prof. Datuk Dr. Abdul Shukor Husin berkata, amalan fizikal iaitu senaman dalam yoga tanpa unsur-unsur mentera dan pemujaan pada zahirnya tidak menjadi kesalahan.

    conclusion: hanya amalan yoga secara sistematik ( means kalo kita baca mentera2 tu n bermatlamat menyatukan diri dgn tuhan) SAHAJA diharamkan!!!! kalo ko buat gerakan fizikal jer, maksudnye x haram la!!! adeiii…so NFC yg salah ke, efenem?

  37. Tremendous blog and comments. Let’s make MN happen and let’s enjoy the fun time. Asking malaysians to perform is like asking a cow to fly. So do appreciate the courage and the time the performer spent just to throw you a good show. You don’t wanna end your medical course up by claiming that u’re living in such an obscene, boring, and unclean world, right?

    I don’t know how do you categorize Maksiat-ness and Haram-ness, but please grant us, the nonmuslims amnesty because we were not educated with knowledge.

    Don’t just go insult everyone in your blog, bashing in an anjing-way. Come and tell in a good (or crazy) manner. We would listen, it’s not like we have no ears. Correct us if we’ve misunderstood.

    I don’t remember the malay rhyme but it sounds like this:
    There’s a mango on the tree,
    If you have a stick please hook it down;
    I am a new learner,
    If I was wrong please correct me.

  38. See
    Yoga (Sanskrit: योग, IAST: yóga, IPA: [joːgə]) refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines originating in India; to the goal achieved by those disciplines; and to one of the six orthodox (āstika) schools of Hindu philosophy.
    The Sanskrit word yoga has many meanings, and is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj, meaning “to control”, “to yoke” or “to unite”.
    Malaysia’s top Islamic body has passed a fatwa, which is legally non-binding, against Muslims practicing yoga, saying it had elements of “Hindu spiritual teachings” and could lead to blasphemy and is therefore haraam.
    Apakah amalan yoga ini benar-benar selamat?
    Salah satu artikel yang dipetik dari
    Bagi orang-orang Islam solat adalah lebih agung dari sebarang senaman termasuk yoga. Solat ialah zikir yang paling mulia. Dalam surah Al-Ankabut ayat 45 Allah berfirman, “Dan zikrullah (iaitu solat) adalah lebih besar keutamaannya.” Dalam Al-Asas fit Tafsir oleh Said Hawa, disebutkan, “Berkata Imam Nasafi, (ayat ini menunjukkan) solat adalah lebih besar dari segala ketaatan yang lain.”
    Berhubung dengan yoga, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine menganggapnya sebagai “salah satu sistem pembangunan insan yang tertua yang merangkumi jasad, akal dan rohani.” Yoga mempunyai kedudukan serta gerak badan tertentu yang dikenali sebagai asanas. Ketika mengamalkan yoga seseorang akan duduk pada kedudukan tertentu untuk jangka masa tertentu dengan melafazkan kalimat-kalimat mantra yang tertentu di samping bernafas secara teratur. Salah satu kedudukan yoga atau asanas yang terpenting ialah Sirshasana (headstand). Ia dikenali juga sebagai Raja Yoga atau King of Yoga. Di kedudukan ini seorang pengamal yoga akan meletakkan kepalanya ke bumi dan di peringkat kemuncaknya akan meluruskan badan agar kakinya berada di atas. Sayangnya kedudukan sebegini tidak dapat dilakukan oleh semua orang. Oleh kerana kesannya yang positif yoga menjadi amat popular pada hari ini. Doktor-doktor di Harvard sering kali menyuruh pesakit-pesakit mereka mengamalkan yoga bertujuan untuk menjaga kesihatan.
    Jika dilihat secara menyeluruh, memang terdapat beberapa unsur yoga di dalam solat. Solat merupakan ibadah yang merangkumi “jasad, roh dan akal.” Ia mempunyai kedudukan serta gerak badan tertentu yang dikenali sebagai rukun fi’li. Ia juga mementingkan gerak hati yang sentiasa ikhlas kepada Allah dan ini dikaitkan dengan rukun qalbi. Ia juga mempunyai kalimat-kalimat tertentu yang perlu dilafazkan dan ini dikaitkan dengan rukun qauli serta zikir. Salah satu kedudukan terpenting dalam solat ialah sujud. Di kedudukan ini seseorang akan meletakkan kepalanya di bumi dan di kedudukan itu darah dari jantungnya akan turun ke otak dengan mudah sekali. Berbeza dengan sirshasana, sujud dapat dilakukan oleh hampir semua orang.
    Namun solat adalah lebih dari yoga kerana ia adalah ibadah yang berdasarkan wahyu. Ia adalah aktiviti penyembahan kepada Yang Maha Pencipta yang memerlukan disiplin kerana ia terikat dengan waktu. Seseorang yang hendak bersolat wajib membersihkan jiwanya dari kesyirikan terlebih dahulu sebelum memasuki solat untuk mengesakan Allah. Di samping itu pembersihan jasad dengan berwuduk adalah diwajibkan. Oleh kerana ia adalah aktiviti pengabdian, pemakaian seseorang juga perlu menjurus kepada pengabdian dengan menutup aurat. Solat tidak hanya merupakan aktiviti individu, ia juga merupakan aktiviti kelompok. Justeru solat berjemaah adalah diwajibkan pada masa masa tertentu berpandukan cara dan syarat yang telah ditetapkan. Justeru jika dibandingkan dengan yoga, solat adalah lebih lengkap dan komprehensif dan kesan jangka panjangnya adalah lebih mendalam.
    Sebagai seorang umat islam yang cetek pengetahuan agama,yang tak akan mempertikaikan keputusan ulama, cukuplah saya mengambil solat sebagai perbandingan. Firman Allah yang bermaksud …ketahuilah!dengan zikrullah itu,tenang tenteramlah hati manusia..(AlQuran 13:28)
    Allah telah berjanji di dalam ayat tersebut dengan mengingatiNya kita akan mendapat ketenangan yang sebenar.

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