Malaysian Night (4) – Rumors

Rumors are very amusing. In Nizhniy a guy fell off the stairs and open-fractured his humerus. In Moscow the news became the guy fell off the 2nd floor of the hostel and hit his head. When MMC panelists came, many rumored that Russian med schools are gonna be derecognized. Such accuracy…

Also when PPIM met the MSA President, the rumor is that they are giving conditions for Islamization of Malaysian Night. I do not know where these rumors came from. But if you want the truth, the best person to discuss with is the person you rumored about. Although you seem like a detective or have inside source, you are really far from the truth.


Ok now here’s the truth about the meeting with PPIM.

I was the one who asked to meet the PPIM representatives. Not the other way round. I took the initiative because I wanna clear out certain misunderstandings. I asked for five PPIM representatives, but they gave me six. But that did not matter. Ashwinni and I were on the MSA’s side.

People start making rumors that PPIM was harsh and start making conditions for MN. No they were not. They were just asking for basic guidelines for Muslims to follow during MN. Among them are:

  1. The timing for MN does not interrupt with Muslim prayer times.
  2. Segregating Muslim men and women.
  3. Decent dressing.
  4. Malay dance, especially Muslim women, is not encouraged.
  5. Decent lighting during the whole performance.

For the first guideline, the timing of MN on 13th December does not interrupt Muslim prayer times, so first is okay.

Segregation of Muslim men and women – up till now I can not figure out a proper way to segregate male and female Muslims. Seriously. But if boys wanna sit with boys and girls wanna sit with girls, we are not against it. You sit at your own free will.

Decent clothing applies for both male and female students, Muslims or non-Muslims. Traditional dress is encouraged. Decent and presentable please. Because some of you are gonna win some awards for best dressed.

I encouraged Malay dance tho, but unfortunately, none of those who came to the audition can do Malay dance.

The lights are gonna be dim throughout the performances.


After explaining the outline, PPIM understood and okayed MN. Whatever PPIM laid on the table were requests, not conditions. I can reject any of those requests as I see fit. So I don’t understand why the big hoo-hah about these requests. Plus, MN is not only about performances.

So, please just don’t spread the rumors around. Information is power. But the rumors, well, they’re plain unreliable.


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