Blog anniversary and little change


Little bit of change in Efenem’s Weblog as it marks the one-year anniversary today (9th December 2008). Nothing really special though. These are the statistics of Efenem’s Weblog up to date:

Total views: 34,000 ++

Total posts: 177

Total comments: 741

Average visit per day: 99

Highest visit (monthly): 5041 (in Novermber 2008)

Highest visit (day): 444 (on 3rd August 2008 – wrote about Saiful Bukhari)

Haha not that impressive though… Some people can make 34,000 visits in one day! But I think it’s not really that bad also 🙂



Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha.


8 thoughts on “Blog anniversary and little change

  1. nah… some (same) ppl have so much free time in a day, they keep on checking the blog like every 5-10min thus increasing the no. of visits.. 😛

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