Desperate attempt

I attempted six times to write something but failed. Now you are reading the failed output of a blogger.

My hands are unbearably itchy but I’ve got nothing to write about. Should I talk more on the boycott MN thingy? No….. People are already bored with that… Past is past.

Politics? Nehhhh… Just let them politicians do their things. Who cares about Sime Darby or Kuala Terengganu anyways?

Even medical stuffs are quite boring already… What else; student life? MSA updates? USMLE? Christmas party? Birthday party? Medical life? War and hunger? Modeling and photography? Love? Gayism? Hudud? Maksiat? Muslims’ minds?


Haha now so desperate. Updating the blog just for the sake of updating…



13 thoughts on “Desperate attempt

  1. Salam,

    I’m looking for a President or a representative of Malaysian Students Association in Russia.

    Anyone can help me?

    Please contact me a.s.a.p

    at habibmukmin[at]

  2. this. How about you write something about vernacular schools, chin peng as asshole fighter, and other issues pertaining to socio-political issue in malaysia. i am sure this can spur a great interest in your blog. but write it in a non-chauvinistic manner ok..

  3. Soon you can start writing about your predictions of what will happen in the next manga of Bleach. It’s your weekly thing after all.

    Posting up lecture notes isn’t an Efenem thing. It’s way too boring already…..

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