Hudud, Christmas and Dearest dear – I guess we call it THE SNIPPETS


The Hudud Law is somewhat controversial these days, but I’d still like to write something about it with my very humble knowledge of Hudud.

I support the principles of Hudud. Hudud is not barbaric. Whoever told you that must have been brainwashed by the Islamophobic sentiments of the West. When we say hudud, people are imagining amputation for the thief, whipping for unmarried adulterer and stoning to death for married adulterer. There are more to hudud than what I just mentioned, but for now only those are the examples.

But to implement the amputation, whipping and stoning is not easy. Amputation to the thief only applied when the thief is adult, sane, has stolen from a secure place, was not under compulsion or misery, and does not repent before the crime is proved, among other conditions. Proof of adultery is very hard to establish, because no one commits adultery in public (in front of four sound, reliable Muslim witnesses) unless they are irreverent.

Easy said, although Hudud law takes place, the implementation is almost very impossible.

Malaysia has slightly different problems. Although we can always repeat ourselves that Hudud only applies to Muslims, we cannot disregard that the non-Muslims population in Malaysia is quite significant, we cannot simply put Hudud as law without resistance.

Hudud is not a top priority for a good governance of Islamic country. If Malaysia claims itself to be the Islamic country, we need to have constant dialogue and forums with the non-Muslims instead of protesting them and yelling “kafir babi”. The Muftis need to be more dedicated instead of saying this haram that haram and then just leave the mass in confusion. Those incompetent Muftis have to be replaced.

Malaysian politicians are also prone to abuse, irregardless of political party. If Hudud law takes place, I’m guessing only the low-class Muslims will be punished while mid-class and upper-class Muslims can escape. Besides that, Hudud is not only about theft and adultery. Those who rebel against the ruler/leader of the country can be executed by Hudud as well (like the notorious ISA), and this, our current leaders prone to abuse. If hudud law takes place, instead of seeing amputation and whipping, we might see more people being charged with “high treason” and bam!~ Hudud is barbaric when abused, no doubt on that.

We already see a preview of Hudud abuse now when it is been used as a tool for vote-fishing.

So, if you ask me, is Malaysia ready for Hudud? I’d say NO. Unless Malaysia gets its priority right, Malaysia is never ready for Hudud.



I wish my christian friends and blog readers a merry christmas. It’s a white christmas in Nizhniy Novgorod since the long-awaited snow finally came around these last few days. It was a very rough early and mid december this year with the snowlessness, biorhythm disturbance and all. Global warming is sure a bitch.

I am sorry I couldn’t go to the christmas party last weekend. I am sure it was fun. Despite the fun, let us remember the plights of Tsunami victims as well.

You want a christmas present? Check out these offers. I nagged to the bigshots of Aeroflot to hurry it up already ‘coz people are bored waiting. Ngenge… Enjoy planning the trip ya!~



I am so sorry I am not good at writing love letters with beautiful words. This is all new to me.

I have an illness which I have been suffering for a long time. I was really quite unsure what to do once you got into my life. And today I got an X-ray done. Guess what the doctors found?

The doctors found you in my heart. The doctors said if I took you out, I’d die because I can’t live without you.


The world is either with us or against us. And we shall weather that together with efenem 🙂


5 thoughts on “Hudud, Christmas and Dearest dear – I guess we call it THE SNIPPETS

  1. The doctors found you in my heart. The doctors said if I took you out, I’d die because I can’t live without you.

    how cheesy!!
    but i suppose you’ll pass for a medstudent..

    my best wishes..

  2. Agree with you on hudud. Without a shadow of a doubt it is the superior form of law for Muslims. But if we do practice hudud, does it mean that women could not drive as in Saudi Arabia? A shallow perception of people connecting hudud to amputation is not the way forward. There is more about hudud than that superficial perception. There is a need to educate people so that they would understand rather than just preaching in sermons and lectures

    It seems that some sects of people are more obsessed with implementing rather than the methods of implementation of hudud. For a 51-year old country to suddenly practice hudud would be quite a shock. There should be a more detailed study on hudud and its implementation in modern times.

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