Efenem in pictures

Here are some of efenem’s photos in Autumn/Winter 2008 in NNSMA (Point the arrow to the photos and you’ll get some ideas what happened in those photos)

Wacky Christmas

receiving gift in wacky christmas   playing games in wacky christmas

Malaysian Night 2008

Preparing some shit on MN rehearsal

getting ready to start MN

efenem gave speech on MN

efenem eats very little in front of these people

Flirting with the bigshots

With His excellency and Mr Firdaus

eating hungrily bcoz ate a little only with VIPs


deepavali - on the verge of insanity

Not so sane

Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Beraya in peedot's room!

Open house Jatdeng

3 blacks, 1 red, 1 pink and 1 unseen brown Biro Penerbitan and I ngenge Majlis Aidilfitri MRSM Taiping alumni, Ieja and Yani missing Open House Ieja everyone's saying 'mee udaaaaangg' My babies This is the famous jatdeng... she rocks! My beloved Kokingh

Grouppie Action (Ngenge)

Program belajar Jawi Autumn in my heart

After epid class with babi blonde Everyone's gay but me


2 thoughts on “Efenem in pictures

  1. love the pics collection..wait til u see mine..i was compiling them last nite..hehehehe…
    will comment more on this post soon..
    u is the baddest~!

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