You suck, 2009!

As the title says it, here goes my photos:


Not nice efenem, not nice - Gorky sq

Arrived in Gorky Square, quite early at about 10.30 pm. I was so happy because my beloved wished me a happy New Year on air earlier that evening and played songs for me… 🙂


Korek hidung ke tu

Then we walked the very quiet Pokrovka Street. I was giving out “gold” to the people. I did it on purpose tho, I know the candid camera was on me


 I is so ngenge

And also did some poses as if I was gonna give up my virginity like the freakin’ doll behind me



We arrived in Minin Square in front of our beloved Dean’s Office and there’s the big New Year @ Christmas tree on display. There were not so many people coming yet… Maybe people just hate the Dean’s Office that the hatred was so toxic even this supposedly happy tree looks gloomy ngenge


Peeps coming in

Then more peeps coming in as the clock drew nearer to midnight


I is so thirsty

Sorry for the act, I was really really thirsty… Ngehh… The ice sculptures were not that great anyway… Do you wanna know why I got thirsty?


efenem happily sliding like no one's watchin

Because I played the ice-slide like a happy child. Thanks to that my ass got wet as if someone peed to my back…


Drunk Aizen and the Hougyoku

I was not doing any karaoke tho… Just holding some “Hougyoku” stone pretending to be Aizen Sousuke while waiting for the freakin’ time to turn midnight. Holding ice without gloves! Efenem is so strong and handsome (ngenge for the benefit of my beloved, you others go away)


 We is happy people

We felt so cold (despite temperature -3 celcius only – hey try get your ass in the street for one and half hours and see if you don’t freeze!), we decided to huddle in circle to keep ourselves warm. Minin Square was so boring there was no official countdown that we had to count ourselves to new year. And we did, so hooray for us we ended freakin’ 2008.



Happy New Year 2009!!!

Thanks to us we counted down till 2009. Else, the Russians in Minin Square would be so blur they won’t know New Year 2009 has come.


before the thing broke

Well, here is a story of the freakin’ ice sculpture.


Kok King broke this ice sculpture!!!

Kok King broke it!


Repairing the ice

The police came and I’d knew Kok King was gonna be in trouble. I called Kok King to run away, but he wanted to stay… Then some freakin’ Asian guy pointed out to the policeman that it was Kok King who broke out the ice sculpture. F***in’ Asians! Ngenge… Now Kok King has to put ’em back up!


after the repair

Tadaaaa…. Do you know what’s the trick that glued the freakin’ ice sculpture back? H to O… I was so pissed with the un-happeningness in Minin Square that when we left, I gave a finger… Well, in my imagination, that is…


White people cant dance

We get to Gorky Square and watched white people dance. People, one fact you have to know is that white people can’t dance! Can’t dance! That’s the stereotype by Russel Peters tho… But seriously, these bitches were only doing some unfathomable dance for freakin’ 20 minutes!


Crowd in Gorky sq

Gorky Square was much more happening than Minin Square, thank God. Those people were looking at the camera as if following some deep-shit cult!



Then these clowns came up of nowhere. Them showing up marked the start of New Year 2009 celebration in Gorky Square.


  Ngenge xdela lawa sangat... efenem lagi lawa

Well, there goes the official fireworks in Gorky Square at about 1.30 a.m. Not that impressive but at least much better. Better than those cheap fireworks fired up asynchronously by some drunkards on the streets haha…


Rose ngenge

Then we got home and visited Rose’s room as she has a pain in the ass tooth. We talked, gossiped and ate. Well, some drank, a little too much.


We is friends, but I is not drunk ngenge 

Some got drunk, but I didn’t. See at this drunk face of Uncle Lim. (Nota efenem: Tak baek buat maksiatttt)


drunk hostel guard

Well, on the way back to their hostel, Ieja and Kok King saw this guard drunk and hugging the floor. So sweet saying goodbye to 2008 tho… By kissing, crying and hugging the floor!


Well, new year celebration was quite dull this year. But those who went to the dance party, I heard got a lot of drama. Drunk, hitting on girls, fights etc. Whatever it is, I do not mean to trivialize all your problems, but the fuckin’ zionist Israel is bombing innocent people down there!!! So let us be reminded!


And last but not least, I did an X-ray today. Guess what they found?

My heart to bb saya

YOU! Ngenge 🙂


5 thoughts on “You suck, 2009!

  1. nah… i dont see anyone/thing in that xray pic… just a heart and lungs.. well whatever it is in the heart, it gotta be sucked out! u know how ppl can die due to emboli! be it pulmo embolism, coronary or stroke! ngengenge.. or u wud rather die from the love-disease?

  2. well i guess 2009 aint that sux eh thanx to the 4-day free internet new year present!

    too bad lah ada org kepoh kt ppl dealing with the internet thingy n it got fixed! damn! so many things to dload but yet so limited time! 😦

    p/s: maybe xde org pegi kepoh but still i like to think of it that way.. haha!

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