The Gaza Lament

Some people were happily celebrating new year 2009 while Palestinian people were being killed! Deplorable!

Yes I went out celebrating new year 2009 with some friends. Apparently that was not Islamic, you know, since I did not celebrate New Year 1430 Hijrah (Read: MAAL HIJRAH) as much as I celebrated 2009, or that I celebrated New Year 2009 while Gaza people were killed and massacred by Israelis.

Okay okay I am guilty for not celebrating Maal Hijrah as much. Maal Hijrah shoulda been lotsa beautiful fireworks, concerts whole day, feasts and parties, loud muscis, booze and dancing, and commercializing Maal Hijrah. At least we should make Maal Hijrah 1430 as fun and as cheerful as we celebrate New Year 2009. That’s the absolute best idea on celebrating Maal Hijrah – make it as good as we are celebrating New Year on Gregorian calendar. Sure, please abandon end-year and new-year do’a recitation as they are not fun at all… Sure, please abandon the repetitive stories of how the prophet and his companions moved to Yathrib because that is no fun… Sure, let’s celebrate Maal Hijrah like those infidels with the fireworks, parties, loud music, booze yada yada… They are more fun…

Because we complain and grumble too much on how pathetic the Maal Hijrah celebration was.


And apparently celebrating New Year 2009 is a crime too because we shouldn’t celebrate anything or be happy while our brothers and sisters are being killed in Gaza. Hogwash!!! We people here were happily downloading (enjoying the new year gift from the academy) while those brothers and sisters in Gaza were killed!

My dear friends, Israelis bombing Palestinians is not simply a religious matter. It is a matter of humanity as well. It is not just crime against our Muslim brothers, it is a crime against humanity! Thus, not only Muslims should condemn the terrorist act of Zionist Israel, the non-Muslims should condemn as well! The people of the world should hold hands together against Israel backed by the United States government of Obama.

Thus, it is important that you Nizhniy people do not buy products from Israel (bananas, oranges, grapefruits etc from Israel were recognized in some hypermarkets) and make a financial contribution to KUALA LUMPUR FOUNDATION TO CRIMINALIZE WAR. Moral support is not just about how you bitch about Israel and people like me who celebrated New Year 2009, it is also financial support to help the war victims and efforts to criminalize war. You should make financial contribution. If you care enough about Gaza people, you would find a way to contribute, no matter how hard it is.

If you don’t contribute, you high-horse sons of bitches are just all talk no action.


13 thoughts on “The Gaza Lament

  1. salam..
    good job faiz! btw, just a suggestion…maybe MSA or PPIM should distribute the lists of products which support Israel to all the students here..well,it’s exam season n maybe some of us don’t have time to check out the list from any website…no more ASHAN after this!! =]

    • Can tell me more why isit Ashan is connected to Israel? Is it clearly supporting Israel? Ade link for proof tak?
      From what I know Auchan is from France

  2. I heard some planning to do collections of donations from fellow Muslims here by PPIM. I’m still waiting for the orders from the big boss to spread the words tho. Everyone’s seems very busy lately.

    Sure enough, there are a lot of ways to contribute to this issue of Islam. A lot of channel of donations. One of the easiest, is bank transfer to AmanPalestin Maybank Account: 562263010787. I know a lot of us here know how to do a simple maybank2u transfer. hehe.

    no excuses! just actions! =)

    • Yerp no more excuses! Just contribute… But I tried to google Aman Palestin, found no official website of their goals and stuffs, unlike the KLFCW which is promoted by my beloved chedet… We have rights to transparency in managing public Funds; and the right of citizens to access to information of Aman Palestin

  3. “….promoted by my beloved chedet”.. ergh ur beloved? hello?~

    it should be “… promoted by my jatdin’s beloved chedet” :D. hehe!

    o well, the bad thing bout donating money is that, most or maybe some part of it will be ‘lost’ somewhere and the total amount donated is not even half the initial amount.. so yeah, org palestine gak yang suffer in the end with the never-enough donated money, food, meds, etc..thats not smth that i made up.. watched bout diz donation thingy in al-jazeera few months ago.. so yeah.. maybe SOME part of the donated money will be lost somewhere along the process but at least we’ve done our part in helping our fellow brothers n sisters in palestine. 🙂

    • So thats why transparency in managing public fund is needed. KLFCW is a little bit more transparent in management of public funds, I guess… Well, congratulations chedet

  4. Here’s the official website,, All the things u need are there – the company profile, their vision and mission, objectives, their registration number with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) etc.

    Seriously u never heard of AmanPalestin before?? Owh, can’t blame u though. Perhaps we should promote it more then.

    Still, like I said, nowadays there are a lot of ways to contribute. You talk about KLFCW, i’m sure u do contribute some $$$ to them, right? Good job!

    We can talk about rights all days, while our brother and sister in Palestin live in terror. Or we can just work our words. You said that u trust KLFCW more, then u contribute to them. Some people wants to contribute via AmanPalestin, it’s up to them. Some people wants to contribute via another company outside Malaysia, for example, it’s up to them.

    Oh ya, about Auchan, here’s the research done by an organization, All the research and facts are there, so it’s up to u whether u want to believe it or not.

    However, I do like the suggestion Kamil gave. Since u said that this issue is about humanity, not just a Muslim issue, why don’t u suggest to MSA board to do something about it? After all, we Malaysians are all human, right? =)

    • MSA cannot. We cannot manage another public fund. We need a new foundation and commitee for this. And probably, like jatdin said, the money will go nowhere.
      But if Aman Palestin and KLFCW are already good and transparent, that we trust and thru that we can contribute.

  5. im sooooo into coldplay now and im so not yet sleepy, so… xde keje kan… hehe.. enjoy the edited version of Lost! by coldplay 🙂

    Israelis might be a big fish
    In a little pond (Israel)
    Doesn’t mean you’ve won
    ‘Cause along may come
    A bigger one (o well, who knows someday a strong Islamic country(ies) will defeat the big fish 😛 )

    And you’ll (israel) be lost
    Every river that you tried to cross
    Every gun you ever held went off
    Ohhh and I’m…
    Just waiting until the firing stopped
    Ohhh and I’m…
    Just waiting ’til the shine wears off

  6. Agree with condemnation of Israel. Agree with financial support for our muslim brothers and sisters there.

    But I thought Obama isn’t yet inaugurated as US president. Shouldn’t it be George W Bush?

    But afterall they are all the same. Bounded by Israel lobby in their admin.

    The axis of evil is US and its allies.

  7. thanx for ur shout out faiz..
    some ppl jz don’t realize how HARSH they can appear when trying to “membela” those who are victimized..and focusing on stupid and unnecesary, judgemental, narrow-minded ideas as if we’re AGREEING with the isralies to go for a killing spree by going out to celebrate new year..
    so next time, when there are bombing elsewhere during Eid, let’s all NOT open houses, no jamuan..
    by d way, how many of us recited the end of the year and new year prayer? coz i know i did..berjemaah..with a lot of other ppl who were thoughtful enough to hold a small gathering and pray together..pray together…
    to those who thinks they’re trying to BERJIHAD, y don’t u grad ASAP and join MERCY, etc?
    that’s one way to prove how STRONG ur will is..rather than doing some FINGER exercise..
    let us all pray for those who are suffering..may He help them…

  8. may i politely correct ur mistakes,ieja?
    i just wonder,why u said those words..instead of thinking that others who tried to “membela” those victims were HARSH,why didn’t u admit your mistake as efenem did?i think u shud haven’t labelled those who gave the reminder as judgemental and narrow-minded, suppose u shud’ve been grateful, for there r ppl who’s willing to remind us..rite now palestinians r facing hardship over there,n i think we shud unite..last but not least,those who performed FINGER exercised are considered as jihad as’s not that if u join MERCY then only it’s called JIHAD,bcz every little effort that we do is considered jihad as well..i read many blogs recently devoted to the palestine-israel conflict, n i think they’ve played their role,n very great job..i hope there’s no hard feeling,n this is not a personal attack..i jz want to make it clear only..sorry for any misunderstanding,ieja…peace..

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