I am in Kamal Atarturk airport now awaiting check in. I am surprised reading news of politicians defecting in Malaysia. When it was anticipated 30 politicians defecting at the same date forming a new government or dissolving the parliament, that was really fun to watch – with all true colors of the politicians coming out, guessing who were the 30 defectors, all the political drama of going to Taiwan for agriculture during ramadhan blabla.

Now that the defection is only one by one, one here defects there, two there defect here and only at state level (instead of federal level); well I have to admit it’s already painful to watch.

It’s almost one year after general election and the politicians should stop politicking as if general election is next week. It’s high time to go back to work and serve the people.

If PM needs to resign from UMNO, then go ahead. He can still serve as the PM after the appoinment by Yang DiPertuan Agung. Defections wont make smooth transition for sure.

In Turkey, the pictures and videos of Taib Erdogan Turkish PM slamming Israeli PM Simon Peres and storming out of Davos are everywhere. The Turks are really proud of it, whether they are imams of mosques or secular hotel owners, midclass bazar shop owner or upper class turks. They are all proud of Erdogan.

Maybe that’s something malaysian politicians need to learn…


10 thoughts on “Defects

  1. ngeh msian politicians nowadays are too busy kissing and spanking each other’s asses to even care bout the rakyats.. and they’re more concerned bout their pocket money other than anything else..

  2. At the time YB Nizar went to Sultan Azlan to ask for dissolution, he already lost the confidence of majority of members of state assembly.

    If all you Pakatan supporters are care enough to read the Perak’s constitution, you will find that the wording there state that ‘members of state assembly’ not just ‘state assembly’. This implies that the lost of confidence of majority of the members of assembly can be proven not just from the vote of no confidence in state assembly, but also by other way and in this case by a letter shown by DS Najib. So the sultan is right in this situation because at the time DS Nizar sought for dissolution, he already lost the majority and therefore he had lost the right to ask for the dissolution

    So in this case, it was DS Nizar own ignorance that played its part for the fall of his own government. Should he asked for the dissolution earlier than that, I think the sultan will agree for the dissolution.

    PR should just accept it, and withdraw with dignity. Don’t be a sore loser man. Suing the sultan wouldn’t bring you any good in the long term relationship of PR and the palace.

    And to all the muslims/malay who bashed the sultan for thinking that the sultan was wrong, I am reminding you that it’s ok to point the wrongs (I think he was right) but please make it in the framework of our religion. Just remember Allah doesn’t like those who transgress.

    Tak kira se’PAS’ mana pun anda, anda belum dijamin untuk mendapat kebahagiaan yang dijanjikan oleh ALLAH untuk hamba-hamba Nya yang soleh.

    Marilah kita sama-sama bermuhasabah.


    • Kinda agree on withdrawing with dignity…. But first, why still drama despite almost a year after GE?? Dont them politicians have somthing better to do, for instance serve the rakyat? Fuck them politicians, we dont pay taxes so that they can find loopholes in constitution to determine who walks in the corridor of power and who dont. We pay taxes so that they can fucking slave themselves for us people.

      And I guess, PakLah should stay to be the PM till next GE. The Head of Ruler, Yang DiPertuan Agong already appointed PakLah, and mandate by rakyat is still given to PakLah, not Najib, not Anwar, and certainly not Mahathir.


  3. The drama keep on unfolding because of Anwar Ibrahim. He is the chief culprit for all the dramas in Malaysia now. He was the one who brought this defecting idea up. He was the one who pursue the MPs who went on for education trip to Taiwan. He was the one who fled to Turkish embassy just because of a police report made against him. He was the one who encouraged the Malay to go against the sultan.He was the one..fuh I can continue this until tomorrow..

    The thing is the dramas keep on going just because our leadership is weak. Pak Lah is not capable of holding our country together. In a multiracial country like Malaysia, Pak Lah is not an option. So he must go. As soon as posible. No 2 way about it. We need someone like Tun Mahathir. Who is brave to hold our country with iron fist.

    • If u need madey so much, then ask him to contest again and eventually, be the PM again. If he refuses, then, in your dreams we are gonna get that leader again. PakLah, well, as incompetent as everyone claims he is, he is the one whom the majority rakyat gave mandate to, and public opinion says that he is better than Najib to govern Malaysia… Najib just has too much baggage.

      I agree Anwar is the culprit here and you can talk all the bad things bout him all the time you like, he is good as gone when 16th September failed.

      But interestingly about the Sultan, altho the opposition now seems like the ones who are going against the Sultan, we should think of who provided the pathways of suing the Sultan and all. In 1993, Malaysian government led by madey stripped off Sultans from their immunity. Can read more and

      So, we can be mad at those who go against the Sultan and trying to sue his majesty, but again, who provided such pathway that the Sultan can be sued in the first place?

  4. Incompetent PM leading our country will just led our country to a fail state. Political instability+racial tension+religious tension+economic crisis-foreign investor++++etc=fail state..hoho

    As we now know Pak Lah is incompetent, shouldn’t we do something about it and change our maligned PM? Of course we won’t have our beloved Tun M again but how do we know DS Najib is less able than Pak Lah to lead this country? Shouldn’t we give him a chance to lead our country? And who knows he might be like Tun M or maybe his own dad Tun Razak.

    You see, the court of ‘public opinion’ you wrote about should be called as the court of ‘public opinion of pakatan rakyat’. This court is not valid and doesn’t represent the majority opinions of Malaysians. This court is setup by those PR supporters and leaders just to taint DS Najib image. Now who are they to do that. If you accused someone over something, by all means please do a police report and prove it in the court.

    Hoho. Actually I am glad that Tun M ‘derhaka’ at that time. It was because of him, that our monarchy will be there to stay for a long time. At that time, there was this sultan’s son who beat one hockey coach with a stick and escaped unpunished. The public rife at that time might just led our country to the abolishment of our monarchy and become a republic country. Tun M with his wisdom to preserve the monarchy get the parliament to setup a special court for the sultans. Should he just let the situation went on we might have our own revolution like the one in France, US, UK, etc long-long time ago. Now we don’t want that do we?

    In the case of PR wanting to sue the sultan. By all means please do that if you are right. Just be sure that you know your long term consequences of it.

    • PakLah is incompetent yada yada, and yet he is still given mandate by the majority rakyat. While the “public opinion of pakatan rakyat” says najib is a monster, so the same public opinion you people from UMNO saying anwar is the monster. So, at PR’s point of view, shouldn’t we give Anwar a chance to rule the country as well? Or is it just UMNO people can lead the office because it’s superior than PR, PAS, DAP, MCA, MIC, Gerakan who are just little people not as equal as UMNO people?

      Well, I am glad TDM did that too because we don’t want our rulers go overboard with their immunity. But, my question here is, why when TDM thought the rulers wronged and stripped off their immunity, he is the hero… and when some cripple non-Malay opposition wants to bring a ruler to court, he is penderhaka? I am frustrated with double standard UMNO has practised in decades. Just to be clear, I loathe Karpal for doing that. Just admit loss with dignity and fight another day.

      Both UMNO and PR are hypocrites unworthy of leading this country. When some assemblymen defected to their side, they hooray here hooray there, but when defected to the “other” side, they start making noise blabla. So the same when Sultan is on their side, they say daulat tuanku and claims the other party which doesnt agree with sultan’s decision “penderhaka”.

      Malaysian politics are full of hypocrisy and double standard. Maybe Malaysia is a failed state after all…

  5. The thing is Anwar Ibrahim was convicted with the charge of corruption, abuse of power right during 1998? How about DS Najib? Did he ever get convicted of anything? The difference between those 2 is that the former is well documented.

    Last time I checked it is BN who won the last GE. You want to lead this country then make it legal in the ball out. Won over the majority. Not by chastising the MPs to defect.

    I do agree that party hopping is immoral. But hey, didn’t the 3 hoppers become an independent state assemblies? But still I do agree there are so much hypocrisy and double standard in Malaysian politics. Now in Malaysia, we are overdosed with politics. Issues like economy, well being of state, development, education, have been sent down the pecking order.

    Entohle. Marilah kita bersama-sama bermuhasabah..Semoga diberi petunjuk dan hidayah Allah S.W.T

  6. Lupa nak jawab soalan pasal sultan tu..

    As for me, those UMNO people who went to make a police report just want to issue some kinds of warning to the KS. Atau dalam bahasa Melayunya nak cakap jangan kurang ajar tak bertempat. These people know it won’t mean nothing. They do it just because of the sake of being Malay. To defend the sultan from being smacked just like that by KS. Penderhaka in the condition of being overtone in your voice. By all means Karpal, go on and sue the sultan and you’ll see the consequences for your DAP and other pact of pakatan

  7. Seriously Najib???

    About najib’s claims on saiful’s attendance to his office 2 diffrent variations :

    – For scholarship purposes

    -To complain about his sex related case…

    Which is the truth ?

    Link to Razak Baginda and murder of Altantunya, missing Bala, his anti-chinese sentiment, blablabla… You should understand how UMNO works by now, as you already agreed about the double standards by UMNO. Many police reports were made against him.

    He maybe as clean as whistle, but the fact that he cannot be dragged to court says something, isn’t it?

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