Cappadocia in Efenem’s Heart

Turkey is different than European countries in many sense. While Europe has all the majestic architectural and historical buildings and beautiful cities, you can simply admire them from google images. But for Cappadocia, Turkey, you have to be there to feel the exoticness of its culture and beauty. Cappadocia means “The Land of Beautiful Efenem Horses”. I answered that correctly and I won this onyx marble extracted from this blissful land in onyx factory in Cappadocia.


Ngenge efenem got that onyx thingy 🙂

After that, they brought us looking at jewelleries; turquoise, mother of pearl, onyx, topaz, amethyst, jade, opal etc. I think these people in the factory are damn geniuses. They got me excited winning that onyx and I felt so high I wanted to buy something for myself.


There you go, a 30% discounted turquoise ring I bought for efenemself, as if married to someone 🙂

Ok back to the history of Cappadocia – well, its name was originally Persian, and erm…. and I forgot the rest. Hehe, when already that excited from Cappadocia, who needs a history lesson? Go read wikipedia.

IMG_5803 efenem's room in cave house

Efenem in Hisar Evi @ Castle CaveHouse and efenem’s cave room

We went trekking in the red valley @ rose valley. The valley is red because it has some ferrous oxide. It was also believed that Star Wars used the Cappadocian land concept for their filming.


Trekking within the Rose Valley – note some redness of ferrous oxide at the rocks


Subhanallah 🙂

Then more jalan-jalan for the day…


Watching pigeons in Pigeon Valley

 Cappadocia 3.jpg

Some rock formations

Cappadocia 4.jpg

The legendary fairy chimneys

Also not to forget, that night we went to Turkish Night Show… Kinda maksiat night, if you wanna label that 🙂


Turkish traditional dance



The OMG-its-freakin’-fantastic belly-dancing

I slept quite early that night dreaming of the belly dancer, and the next day I had to woke up freakin’ early for a 115-euro ride hot air baloon. It’s considered quite cheap because the others are paying 150-200 euros for the ride… There were 11 of us, but only 5 went for this ride. The others refused because it was too expensive. I have to agree.

in the hot air baloon

On board the hot air baloon with some other freakin’ Malaysians… haha, so many places in the world, they had to choose Cappadocia!

flying low within the valley

Flying within the Rose Valley


High up in the air

oh red valley

Rose Valley from Efenem’s POV

its fun to fly

Got that freakin’ certificate after flying the hot air baloon

After hot air baloon, jalan-jalan Cappadocia again:


The exotic southeast Asian Aladdin ngenge – souvenir shop Deverent

unta cappdocia

Riding Camel de Cappadocia


Carpet factory


Ceramic factory


Oh the best Turkish rice-pudding in my life in Sofra Restaurant, Urgup Cappadocia (haha just tasted only 5 Turkish rice-pudding in my whole life)


5 thoughts on “Cappadocia in Efenem’s Heart

  1. wew..i never tasted any turkish rice pudding in my whole life T.T
    haha..but i feel like i have ady been there just by looking at ur photos..thnks =)

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