A place famous for its hot springs. The tectonic movements that took place in the fault depression of the Menderes river basin triggered frequent earthquakes, and gave rise to the emergence of a number of very hot springs.


Playing with hot springs


Necropolis (City of the Dead) – Tombs and ruins all around efenem



We climbed the damn hills – Hiking with efenem


gaya d'efenem

The cool tour guide wanted us to pose, so we posed



It’s not snow and slippery, it’s in fact very hot and rough type of land. It’s the calcium carbonate…


cuba minum

Trying to drink the calcium-carbonated water. They say if you take a shower with calcium carbonate water for 2 days straight, you can turn to stone-cold statue…


amik air semayang

Ablution @ wudhu @ taharah with the hot springs… Some people feel disgusted that I wash my face with this flowing water where everyone steps their feet into this flowing water everyday… FYI, our showers and pipes are deliver flowing water also… And the dirts flow away, unlike stagnant water



My feet are probably much cleaner than their faces because I wash my feet 5 times a day – lol 😉



Ephesus @ Efes is one of the historical places in Turkey. It is believed that The Seven Sleepers @ Ashabul Kahfi, which has roots in Islam, Christianity and Judaism, were sleeping in an Efes cave. It is also believed that Maryam @ Mary, the mother of Prophet Isa @ Jesus, died in Efes.

ashabul kahfi

eshab kahfi

The Seven Sleepers @ Ashabul Kahfi

Mohammed was challenged by the people of Makkah who did not believe in his message and prophethood by a question that the people of Makkah passed to him from the Jews. The Jews knew that Mohammed would only be able to tell the story if he was indeed a prophet. The Jews told the non-believers of Makkah to ask Mohammed “who are the youngs who disappeared, and how many were they?”. Mohammed had no clue and told that he would answer them tomorrow, waiting for the answer to be revealed to him through Gebreil. However, the answer was revealed to Mohammed in a complete Surah named after the cave (Al-Kahf) of the seven sleepers. The Quran revealed the exact story that the Jews knew of, and it answered the questions (how many were the youngs, and for how many years they disappeared) similarly to the information they had. The Quran confirmed that they slept for 309 years, which Jews know of. The Quran however did not give an exact answer to how many were they. It mentioned that some people would tell they are 3 or 5 or 7 in addition to one dog. Jews did not know exactly how many were they 3 or 5 or 7, and were astonished when they knew that the Quran gave all the possible numbers they would suspect for the the sleepers.

Source: Wiki

Ephesus is famous for its open-air museum, with all the ruins and stuffs like that.



Those who like historical stuffs can come to Ephesus… 🙂


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