Joseph Stiglitz, some bigshot economist and noble prize winner announced that Bank Negara Malaysia is the best in the world. Malaysian government is so proud of it. I don’t know why and I don’t care, but it certainly made it big in the papers few days ago.

Here’s the thing – Stiglitz is a jew.

So what if he’s a jew? Jews who don’t kill people are good jews. Jews who detest zionism and terrorism are good jews. Jews who made significant contribution to humanity are good jews. Is Stiglitz a good jew or a bad jew?

Joseph Stiglitz

Well, let’s say Stiglitz announced that Bank Negara is the worst ever. Then the Malaysian government would hentam this Stiglitz, calling him a jewish pig, jews rule the world by proxy, jews are the enemies of Islam, all jews should be killed, blablabla….

Somehow, Malaysian government took this praise as if it needed recognition from some bigshot economist, doesn’t matter if he’s jewish. The important part is the praise to the government.

Anyone wanna be the bosom pal of Stiglitz?

Congratulations BNM!


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