Istanbul in Efenem’s Heart

Istanbul was the capital city of three successive empires; Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman with unbeatable landscape of turquoise blue waterfront.


Bosphorus – taken by Efenem’s camera, but it was not efenem who took it. Credits to Rahimah.


We lived in Istanbul Hostel, which is like 20 seconds walk from the famous Istanbul must-visit places.


Istanbul Hostel – accomodation in Istanbul



Sultan Ahmet mosque – It’s pretty boring actually because everyone also has a piece of this


Then there’s Hagia Sofia, the church-turned-mosque-turned-museum about another 20 seconds walk from Sultan Ahmet Mosque.



The inside of Aya Sofia @ Hagia Sofia


Actually these two places (Sultan Ahmet mosque and Hagia Sofia) are kinda nice since they are the biggest tourist attractions in Turkey, but somehow, our crappy tour guide for the day was kinda rushing over and over, we didn’t have a good chance to take lovely photos and listening to historic explanations. We always had to catch up to his pace. Ugly bastard!




We were so mad at him that he gave us only like 50 minutes to shop in the grand bazar! It is a grand bazar damn it!!

grand bazar

The Grand Bazar


waiting with anjing tourist guide in grand bazar

Everyone made their angry faces except the distracted efenem “Babi punye tour guide! Mana boleh kejap je shopping!~ Pffftttt!”


efenem in spice bazar

Spice Bazar, not Grand Bazar


Another attraction is the Topkapi palace, where it is believed that the prophets’ legacies are exhibited for the public…


Topkapi – this place is where they kept prophet Muhammad’s beard, prophet Yahya’s arm among others


The next day, we got a new tour guide because we fired the one who gave us freakin’ 50 minutes for bazar (thanks to Rahimah). He was much friendlier and bought us to cruise.


mmm… seronoknyerrrrr 😉



Happy at first! (Why the heck am I wearing bluetooth on cruise???)



Then these kids got tired already after 1 hour of cruising!



Bosphorus bridge connecting European and Asian Istanbul


Then went on Dolmabahce palace for some ancient rich kids


Dolmabahce grand stair case






Ceiling decoration



Palais Grande – Dolmabahce



Dolmabahce’s Courtyard


We had to visit Asian part of Istanbul, so here it goes:


View of European Istanbul from Asian Istanbul



Getting outta Asian Istanbul. It’s too boring my pants just got short… 🙂


All in all, efenem is satisfied with Istanbul, except with that anjing tour guide.


Muka puas hati efenem 🙂


4 thoughts on “Istanbul in Efenem’s Heart

  1. Hi there…

    So my homeland is in your heart… Well, as a turkish doctor living and working in Germany somehow Malaysia, especially KL is in my heart (tho I’ve never been there). How is it like to work in Malaysia? How is the working situation, the paying?

    We will take a trip to KL in October with a female friend of mine who is a turkish doctor overhere too. We are quite excited and I’m trying to get as much information as I can before our trip starts.

    Tell me…

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