Random Snippets

Summer Practical

  • The latest order from MMC to our academy has angered and confused many. Some people’s summer plan has been disturbed or delayed. Flight dates need changing. Marriages and engagements are postponed. MMC has already decided that we need to do practical here when they visited last fall. So did the ambassador (in his speech) when he came for Malaysian Night 2008.
  • I understand the reason. For a med school, NNSMA should be able to provide students with clinical practices. These students shouldn’t be dumped to other countries in hoping for decent clinical practice.
  • The MMC was led to believe that our 9 months cycle is all theory, only after that is the practical. So, they see this as part of integration of theories into practices. What they did not see is the reality of clinical practice for students in NNSMA. I am not talking on the knowledge part, I am talking about the AWOL (students and doctors), lack of supervision, easy cheating on getting some lousy signatures, etc.

  • The timing sucks too. The order is effective since 1st January 2009, but only last week the deanery officially informed us. Almost everybody has plans for summer, thus the anger and confusion
  • If our beloved academy sees “practical outside Russia” as a part of this “integrated” curriculum, I do not understand why MMC sees it differently. Perhaps they do not want us crowding in Malaysian hospitals? Or they really don’t want us in their establishments?
  • This new order from MMC means more work for the Deanery. But the deanery dare not object to this order although some already directed their anger and frustration to the Malaysian government (unofficially). They do not want to be derecognized by MMC. They dare not lose Malaysian students, their cash cows who pay for their ridiculously expensive internet, EPC, hostel fees among others.
  • Somehow I got this funny idea that this is only the beginning towards derecognizing Russian medical universities. First they force us to stay here doing practicals, so we have no exposure on Malaysian system. Then when few batches graduate, they report our incompetence. Russian graduates will be systematically marginalized, then they start derecognizing Russian med schools… It is a possibility tho!


The Best

  • Panova says the Russian system of medical care is the best and the US somehow learnt from Russia. DG Tan Sri Ismail Merican, in his talk in Malaysian Embassy in Moscow said that Malaysian medical care is the best. So who is really the best?
  • Both are not. While Malaysian medical care is cheap, but I don’t think it’s really that good. But Russia, Russia is not even near to “satisfactory”. They may have produced the geniuses in the world, but their medical care is very little to be proud of. See for yourselves their hospitals, their operating theaters, their wards, their polyclinic, their medical equipments, their red tapes etc.
  • Why care to announce the best or used to be the best, when the reality is no one cares because everyone knows it is not the best?

7 thoughts on “Random Snippets

  1. Actually what u said had already been running in my mind when it was announced that we hv to do our practicals here. Its funny cos most of the other countries student oso balik M’sia n do. I hv seen students from Australia, London, Ireland, sumhow they dun seem to hv this kind of problems.
    If they want to derecognize just say so la, i mean why torture us in the mean time. As it is 10 months in this hell hole is torturous enuff, now u want me to spend years here. U r F***ing kidding me!!!
    It’s really nonsense. I feel like as if i m treated like “anak tiri” by the uni n the MMC, the first cos i m malaysian n the latter cos i m a student from a russian uni.
    If onie i had magic powers, i wud do unimaginable tortures to certain ppl, if onie!!!!

  2. the students from ireland, UK (at least my friends and those i met during my practical days) were doing OPTIONAL elective posting. they’ve completed their actual practicals in the countries they’re studying in (integrated system!! see how cool it is!!). I really hate that when the Deans say “JUMP!” we Malaysians always say, “How High?”. Its probably futile to fight this ruling tho since its from the MMC and all…haih…

    and i really hope we’re not being derecognized…

    as for the medical systems -> dream on both M’sia n Russia!~ Even S’pore is better than M’sia…how can he say we r the best?? hahaha…he’s an alarmingly optimistic guy

  3. It seems that only Malaysian med students from Russia suffer from this problem.

    Great things have been said about the UK system. Russian system is totally different. They have long breaks and their time of active work starts at 9am and ends at 2pm. They make all the procedures, operations, rounds, academic classes in between this time. After 2pm, doctors and teachers can go home and sleep.

    That’s why they have a problem when I suggested to prolong classes till 3pm instead of having EPC.

  4. even msians (MMC , msian gov) dont care bout msians. what else r we hoping from russsians? the upper ppl only know how to exercise their power and ride in brabus.bet they’ll have heart attack trying rus public transport.owh and they r sooooo good at sugar-coating facts.

    living abroad makes me realize how msian gov sucks at governing.

    i miss high school where teachers do care bout their students.they were like parents to us.no boss-employee/slave kinda relationship.

    if u get what i mean.

  5. i think malaysian medical care is the best in its own league. u can’t compare apples with oranges.
    the government has tried to keep the cost of treatment FOC and accessible to almost all rakyat, so u can’t complain much (or complain in a reasonable way) if there is a few hiccups here and there, (the low salary of the government docs being one of them).

    but the malaysian system is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than the russians.

  6. no point in comparing Malaysia or Russia or UK – they all have the same goal = quality healthcare. maybe just some different methods for that, dat’s all.

    im just interested to know if it is really final that we must stay here for 6 weeks in summer? we can’t combine practicals or so after class or weekends or try to shorten our practicals by going overtime etc?

    also is there a proper syllabus during the practicals? because last year i did therapy prac here and andrieva threw us to avdonin and avdonin threw us to the nurse. wasted my 2 weeks!

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