Kerajaanku sayang

As agreed during our meeting, I would like you to ensure that all Malaysian undergraduates complete their elective postings in Russia according to the terms and conditions determined by your university with effect from 01 January 2009 and stated explicitly in their transcripts.

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Hj. Mohd. Ismail bin Merican, Director General of the Ministry of Health, in his letter to Nizhniy Novgorod State Medical Academy.


The Embassy would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that failure to comply to this agreement could affect the recognition of your academy.

His Excellency Dato’ Mohamad Khalis, ambassador of Malaysia to Russian Federation, in his letter to Nizhniy Novgorod State Medical Academy

Click here to see the original content of the letter.

image surat ambassador to NNSMA on pract

You be the judge!


28 thoughts on “Kerajaanku sayang

  1. heh bagosla tu.. derecognize cpt2.. dulu puji melambung2 kata russia bgs la apa la.. skang nk jadik macam kt manipal n mangalore plak.. so good of them. pffftttt! so f*cking pissed!

  2. FUCK!

    wtf now…threatening us with derecognition? i think they’ve already made up their mind to go on with it but this is their first step. shit la.

    what if i just do my extra practicals after classes….

  3. well..there’s that. haha…some are still insisting on doing it tho. wish them the best of luck..

    as for me…i’ve always been a ‘by the books’ kinda person (pengecut kot) so i guess that means i’ll be spending summer in NN a second time…haih….

  4. what the hell lah seriously. last time they came here, said that no derecognition will happen and now a few months later threaten us with this letter. just wonderful lah.

  5. Funny thing, even the Deans couldnt understand those letters. They needed to find the meanings for “elective posting” and “ensure”. That can be proven by the letter from DG with underlines and question marks.

    The second letter from embassy was also confusing; they couldnt understand what comply means.

    But neways, while I realllly understand the reason (a med school should provide clinical practice to their med students), the tone given by MMC sucks, airtight and no way out. That’s why we curse ’em, arent we?

  6. i second wuteva’s sentiments! Deans didn’t understand the letters ha…no wonder they didn’t leak this out before. hehe…that’s kinda funny!~

    and while technically its logical to think that a med school could provide clinical practice to their medical students but in this situation, i don’t think its the case! hope i’ll learn loads this summer!!

  7. yeah i agree with efenem. i totally understand that med schools must provide clinical practice for their students and actually i am accepting this with hati terbuka. the thing is, they should have at least given us a year (like, start this practical thing in russia next year) to prepare. and exactly, the tone of MMC was kinda rude in my opinion. recognition will be affected konon. so geram when i think back to what they wrote.

    btw, efenem, if we complete our practicals here and we go home for the remaining summer, can we still apply and do practical in msia, like maybe for a week or two? just to be exposed to msian hospital and membuka mata sikit. thanks!!

  8. suggestions:

    1. let the ppl who completed their EPC do only half from that total sum of crdt hours.epc is alrdy 3 we’re left with another 3hrs.if not, next year they’ll be NO ONe paying for that rubbish usd500.lalu academy akan jatuh miskin.

    2.if not, just let us do after our daily classes/weekends.anyhow they will sure be a dr (at least sorg) in the department.or in other words: let us finish our elective training within this semester before going home.pandai2 student nak cari masa sendri and arrange the time with the teacher.

    only the deans can help us.jadi mari berbaik2 dgn mereka.

  9. hmm cukup dr ke nak jaga sume student buat summer practical nnt??? esp for surgery when all the 3rd n 4th yr students have to do it. Hmm sebelum nih pun slalu jer kene halau sbb complain ramai sangat nak buat practical. WTH nak suruh semua org buat serentak. giler r….jgn nnt last2 duduk kat luar OT jer sbb “nurse yg berlagak bagus” x bagi masuk sbb ramai sgt student~!!! sooooooooooooo BS~!

  10. Excellent suggestions! It seems that we think of the same stuffs.

    I had suggested this EPC thingy and weekend/after class thingy, but it’s firm no-no. Natalie Gennady says no like it’s a lullaby for her. It’s hard enough with the MMC and all, but this bi*ch is not making things any easier.

    It’s obvious they are making this as airtight as possible. No escape route.

    I give up already.

  11. that b* said no no sbb kepala hotak dia serabut.
    keep on pastering faiz.maybe if therapy tak boleh, surgery and obs boleh.besides..that mmc letter tak de ckp KENA buat masa summer.suka hati nak buat musim ape pun la.

    i have to agree with amir, surely kita jadi mcm kulat atas roti, waiting to be thrown away *too many ppl at one time.bloody hosp corridor is so small…nurse selekeh..etc etc.

    i shall sing the lullaby back to her.grrrr.

    • Actually I can pester her just fine… but I’m afraid of the consequnces of pestering her on you 4th years.
      Earlier in my discussion with that bi*ch, she was very angry I sent a message requesting the letter from MMC that we needed to do summer practical here and she said to know my place as the student and she as the supervisor.
      Then, she said if I make her angry again, she’ll make all 4th year Malaysians go to Arzamas (a city outside Nizhniy Novgorod) for obstetric practical.

      She’s obviously abusing her power as the supervisor despite being the new personnel replacing Andreevna.
      So, the best people to pester here are the 4th years – different 4th years go to her office everyday ask the same kinda question over and over until she caves already. I do not know of the consequences tho.

  12. lets just tough it with dignity!:)

    wutever: sabar dulu.we see how it goes k.

    hosp in arzamas definitely bukan part of our teaching hospital.b*
    itu saja nak talk nonsense.

  13. wait, is this thingy only concerns bout our U? moscow etc? as far as i’m concerned, they only hv 3 times of compulsory elective postings.

    are our seniors doing bad back at home now that we deserve this? but i think they are doing it well , if not great.

    padan muka dekanat. dlu dorg sibuk2 sgt nk EPC. skang dah compulsory wat smua kat sini, terhegeh2 plak.

    IN YOUR FACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    marilah kita sama2 terus menyenakkan kepala mereka.

  14. berenti medic a aku gini…malas nk involve ngan kerajaan…name je pangkat besar2..kete besar2..otak mcm budak 10 tahun..down sindrome agaknye…jadi petani bercucuk tanam..ade mknn nk sara hidup leh bli barang2 keperluan cukup..T_T

  15. let’s see if the deans can come out with the proper schedule for us by the date requested in the letter. 27th Feb 2009…biase la BITCH nak abuse power…they either be vicious or pura2 baik and then be vicious..either way, they are bitches..let the bitch bark and howl…they’ll only scare people away..

  16. proper schedule? bah.. nama je prober schedule tp tgkla nnt sure x ikut pon… mcm epc aritu.. smgt je tunjuk syllabus apekemenda.. last2 x wat pape sgt pon (maybe except some of internal med’s epc). hegeh sungguh mereka2 ini..

  17. faiz, u tak takut ke org deans will find out abt ur blog full of curses ni? n kalau they find out arent u afraid of the consequence?

  18. arzamas???
    where the hell is dat????
    crazy la that woman…
    dulu baik saje…
    why now die ‘menggila’??????
    proper schedule?
    i dont think they can make the proper one at all.

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