Coconotty brought up an interesting issue on boycotting.

It is to my understanding that Muslims should boycott McDonalds, Starbucks, Coca Cola, Intel among others because they support the zionist Israel country. Actually this edict (fatwa) has been issued many years back. The scholar who issued this edict of boycotting Israel was Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradhawi, an Egyptian-born scholar based in Qatar. The reason being; those products are directly financing Israel, every dinar/ringgit/dollar/euro we spend on those products means a bullet for our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

For example, these proofs imply Starbucks as a company which heavily finances Israel. But in its website, Starbucks also made a written statement that it does not support Israel. So which one is true? Which one is more reliable?


Back to this edict where Muslims need to boycott all the products from the USA, it was once asked about the 7 million Muslims who reside in the USA. Do they need to boycott US products too? The answer given by the scholar was that Muslims in USA should live only with the basic needs (food, clothing, shelter). Other than that, they should be boycotting the products of any company that grows in US soil and pays the tax to the US government. I find this answer ridiculous.

It is true US is the largest supporter for the Israel cause. But does all taxpayers’ money go to Israel? Certainly not.


Boycott can bring a company down, but will that stop the US government from giving financial aid to Israel? Will bringing down McDonald’s and Starbucks stop them from executing world domination @ ruling the world by proxy? Big deal if these companies go down, the US government still has its treasury and Federal Reserve Bank conjuring up USD700 billion out of nothing, like a magic… Not just bailouts, they can pay for expensive wars with this money tho!

The best thing to do is to eliminate dependency on US products. We produce our own brands of equal or better quality. It’s a long shot. Easier said than done.


2 thoughts on “Boycott

  1. does McD really have affiliations with Israel or not? According to McD gives money to Jewish United Fund who in turn maintains the american military support of israel. What baffles me is this : how is McD in Malaysia and Russia and everywhere else in the world (‘cept USA that is) involved in all of this?

    Malaysian McD already said they are not involved and Starbucks too but if they give money to “the man” (i mean the headquarters of McD or whatever) then that money will fund Israel no? I’m confounded…

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